I love giving heads

If you’ve never had a penis in your mouth, you’re missing out, It might be time to give it a try. Even if it’s something you’re not sure you’re interested in, you might be surprised to realize that it’s totally your thing and something you really enjoy. Experimentation is what keeps things hot and spicy, and yes, that’s how you want to keep things in the bedroom.

Blow jobs aren’t meant for male enjoyment only. They’re fun for all of us women, too. Once we figure out what we’re doing, giving heads can be just as much fun as getting it.

Now sucking dick is an art, and just like any craft practice becomes permanent.

Let’s face it, what really is perfection?

Giving heads is an intimate experience, some people think it’s sacred, others think….what’s sex without giving heads (I totally agree here) but in the end, it’s something that should be shared with someone that you feel “deserve” it…Right! Then my next question is, what is the requirement for being the “chosen” one lol. Just explore your sexual appetite, it is not that serious though.

My expertise is my own opinions and/or experiences so by right I would not be with someone that is not on my sexual level, that is just a waste of my time. However, partners often have a mix with each other where one might be a little bit more experienced due to past relationships, and that is good, so one can teach the other. (Men do not be afraid to tell her how you like it sloppy).

But let me get us into the juiciness of it all…

10 Reasons Why Women Should Give Heads

    He might think he’s in control because he’s the one who gets to orgasm, but we’re really the one with all of the power. We can move our tongue one way and make him moan, or we can pull our head away and make him whimper. His fate is in our hands, well in our mouth.
    This is the time that the vagina gets to rest and the jawbones go into overdrive on overtime. It also gives you more time to practice your craft and try new styles. (there are two balls that need attention too). The sweetest part is that when your period is over, you can cash in on his IOU’s.
    Good men deserve a special treat, and a blow job is the best way to repay him for everything he’s done and going to do. BJs don’t cost us a thing, and they don’t take all that long, (Then again you have some men, where you have to couple that blowjob with some stroking) but this is why they’re the perfect gift for all of those lazy, broke girls.
  4. MOAN LIKE A …..
    The sounds he makes during a blow job are such a huge turn-on that we might stop and switch to sitting on that dick or bending over the bathroom sink. After all, if he’s going to orgasm, we might as well orgasm along with him.
  5. TASTY
    When he eats the right foods, the prize at the end of that orgasm is delicious. (He needs to eat less salt and drink lots of water if you don’t want instant High Blood Pressure). It’s an acquired taste, that sometimes stays in your mouth for a while, which can make you feel like you have a sexy little secret when you go out in public later in the day.
  6. LOOK UP
    A little eye contact is all you need sometimes in order to boost up that blow job. After all the dick isn’t going anywhere…is it?  Look up with the beautiful eyes and see how crazy your face makes him look and how his face looks, it’s a major confidence booster.
    When we’re on our knees, looking up at him, it gives us an entirely new view of him. It makes him look even sexier and manlier than usual, by this time you start to suck harder, you feel that vagina getting wetter….yasssss
    All of us are adventurous women in our own right and have had sex in public. Of course, it’s ten times easier to give a blow job in the back or front of a car rather than bend over in it.
    Not sure if he likes his balls being played with or if he’d like you to touch his backdoor? Oral is the perfect time to experiment. If he loves it (or hates it), you’ll know it right away.
    Foreplay consists of more than making out and grinding up against each other. If we’re the ones with the higher libido, giving him a blow job is a great way to get him ready for some steamy sex.

Yes, many of you will read and say, “Mi still nah suck nu cock!” “Eeew, swallow which cum!” 8 Benefits Of Swallowing Instead Of Spitting

“I am not convinced” and no one is telling you that you should.

However, how are you going to know how you feel about something unless you experience it.

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face”

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10 Reasons Why Women Should Give Heads