Reasons to have sex in public

Sex on the kitchen table and on top of the washing machine on the spin cycle is awesome!

A living room sofa or over the edge of the bathroom sink.

But our houses and apartments are limited in their options for places to have sex, right?

And when we’ve run out of surfaces to fuck in our own homes, it’s time to consider public places.

Now, not everyone is going to be into it.

Some people are perfectly happy keeping their nudity in safely hidden, in their private places.

It’s interesting when we want to spill our juices on the “outside”, and there are a few places to definitely consider.

11 Great Places To Have Sex In Public

  1. Rooftops
    (i) you get a great natural scenery
    (ii) almost no one ever looks up
    (iii) you can be as loud as you want without thinking about the neighbors and/or roommates
    (iv) no one can see you so be hella spontaneous.
  2. Cars– this is a classic and for very good reasons. After all, you can drive to any secluded or semi-secluded area you please, you can howl, moan and groan as loud as you desire, plus why stay in the car only, when there is a trunk and a bonnet. (Hint: On a warm car hood while it’s raining….orgasmic)
  3. Parks, Benches and/or Park Benches– of coarse try this at night when your least likely to traumatize a child.
  4. On video chat– I am sure some of you are already a mini porn star in your own way …..But for the others, try putting a spin on your video chat like wearing fewer clothes….that’s a start.
  5. Parties– You think all the time you see them dancing in the corner it’s just that pssh—please….if it’s overcrowded, dark like midnight and you see her bent over too long…..yassssss….plus orgy parties are the best way for awesome public sex…..plan one, why won’t you!?
  6. Hotel Windows-Rooms on higher floors obviously lower your risk, but any hotel room window can be a sexy way to dip your wet fingers into public sex. Remember: Most people never look up, also one of the beautiful things about staying in a hotel is that chances are you’re in a place where no one knows you, so who cares if they see you fucking?Top 11 Public Places you can have sex
  7. Bar/Restaurant Bathroom– oh yes another classic….Think about, how many bathrooms have you ruffled in? a few couple dozens—hhmm—- However people usually get horny when they drink so of coarse this classic never dies, just remember to close the door, it’s always better to use the male restrooms and ladies always come out first.
  8. The office– after hours is always good but ever wonder why office tables are made with a hardback and all that legroom? Ever did an earthquake drill and realize your entire body can fit underneath your table…..well then, why wait for after-hours….lunchtime works too right. Do remember though, to check the cleaning schedule and the security camera/s position before you get the juices flowing.
  9. Construction site-Again, only at night! But all it takes is one gap in the fence that you can squeeze through and suddenly you’re in a massive space that’s probably camera-free and almost definitely person-free. Just watch out for loose nails.
  10.  Movie Theater– There is always room in the skybox. Need I say anything more.
  11.  At the Beach– The sea is just calling you to make the waves bigger, hold tight lovers.

Having fun during sex gives you more miles on the sex meter.

As a result, it also allows you to experience great “outdoor” adventures.

The bonus of the spontaneity of sex in public places is the thought of getting caught!

So go fuck why don’t you!

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