13 Role Play

There are plenty of things you can do to spice up your sex life, whether or not you’ve been with your partner for a long time.

But you don’t need to buy fancy sex toys or to contort your body to make things extra streamy.

All you need is a break from how you and your partner usually interact.

And the best way to do that? Embracing some out-there role play ideas.

What is Roleplay?

Roleplay is basically a sexual vacation from your everyday lives without having to go anywhere.

It can be an opportunity to re-write your own sexual history, enact a long-held fantasy, or simply be sexual in a way that is distinctly different from your typical persona.

If you can get over an expected bit of initial awkwardness, role-playing might just lead to the best sex you’ve ever had.

Engaging in erotic role-play in a mindful way can do much more than fuel to the fire in your loins.

The type of communication and trust involved in releasing one’s everyday self to explore within the context of role-playing can enhance bonding and intimacy between partners.

Plus, the sexual creativity, excitement, and intensity that comes with sharing your roleplay ideas, and then acting on them can flow over into other types of interactions.

Before the Games Begin

Before engaging in any sort of role play, you and your partner need to have a serious conversation.

That’s when you negotiate the roles, find common interests, establish boundaries, and set soft and hard limits.

Both parties must consent to every aspect of the scene and the roles you’ll be taking on.

You should also establish safe words or gestures that will slow or stop the scene and make sure they’re crystal clear.

The Aftershow

What happens after sex is referred to as “aftercare,”

And it’s an equally collaborative process.

Aftercare can involve deconstructing the scene and what worked and didn’t work, or cuddling, snacking, Netflix & chilling, making out, basically whatever all parties agree to will help them get you back into their everyday headspace.

Now, I know you are interested in the idea of stepping outside of the box in the bedroom.

I am here to help you get started.

13 Erotic Role Play Ideas

  1. Switch It Up
    This is where you exchange roles.
    The dominant partner in your relationship becomes the submissive and vice versa.
    This is a great intro to role play that doesn’t entail much in the way of theatrics.
  2. Under Your Spell
    A role play scene in which there’s the hypnotist and the hypnotized.
    The latter is no longer in control of his or her actions.
    Even though the hypnotized party is just pretending to be under the hypnotist’s power, playing out this scenario is perfect for those looking to push their own personal boundaries and to potentially get over inhibitions—even if temporarily.
  3. Strangers in the Night
    If you want a sexy fresh start with your partner, simply pretend you’ve never met them before.
    This type of role-playing can involve a pick up in a bar, or an online hookup.
    Playing a stranger or anonymous person allows for a creative exploration of sexual identity and preferences. You also have to use your skills of seduction to flirt and explore your partner with fresh eyes.
  4. Your Biggest Fan
    It must be fun to be a rock star and have total strangers fawning all over you.
    Get a taste of it by creating a role-play scenario in which you’re a music legend yourself.
    You’ve just come off stage and you’re looking to decompress with a starstruck admirer who’s caught your eye.
  5. Teach Me Everything You Know
    Even if you and your partner have both been around the block, assume the roles of someone who is sexually inexperienced and someone who has some special techniques to share.
  6. Hate to Love You
    Hate sex can be immensely gratifying, but you don’t have to wait until your partner has seriously irritated you to have it.
    Just get some mileage out of a past transgression or pretend that they’re someone else that you genuinely loathe and then have fun making up.
  7. Business & Pleasure
    One of you is a sex worker and the other is the client who’s hired this person for the night.
    Put the money on the nightstand and wait for the knock on the door.
    If you’re the sex worker, list what’s on offer and what’s not.
    If you’re the client, set out what you’d like to happen.
    Once you’ve done the negotiating, you can have sex that’s entirely transactional.
  8. I’m A Professional
    Pretending you’re both porn performers doing a scene can give you the opportunity to say all those corny porn lines.
    Plus you can engage in the sort of sex positions that have become porn mainstays.
    If you have trouble thinking of specifics, load up a clip you’re both into and act out what’s happening on screen.
  9. The Brains & The Brawn
    The hottest football player or cheerleader has a paper due that they’re entirely ill-equipped to write.
    The straight-A student offers to help them out.
    Soon, they realize they have some serious chemistry and those nerdy glasses are coming off, along with everything else.
  10. In the Name of Science
    One of you is conducting important research on sexual response and recording the kinds of stimuli that provoke the strongest reactions.
    The other is a study subject who just has to submit to the rigors of science.
  11. Cyborg Bang
    Engage in a bit of futurism.
    Imagine that one of you is a sexy android, programmed for pleasure while the other is someone who’d prefer to get busy with an android than with a fellow human being.
  12. Bite Me
    Vampirism has the potential to involve an intersection of many different role play ideas.
    Whether it’s power dynamics, a fantasy/science fiction backdrop, pain and discipline, or fear play that you’re into, feel free to sink your teeth into Dracula’s world.
  13. The Classic Maid & Butler

We both know there are so many other scenarios that we go re-enact and have fun with, the possibilities are almost endless.

Plus, role play is one of the best ways of flirting with your wildest sexual fantasies.

It’s no surprise that a lot more of us these days are enjoying exploring a range of possible sexual scenarios through acting and imagination.

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