Take a minute, look down, your titty nice, talk truth!

Learning how to be more sexually adventurous is what Khloerae is all about.

With this in mind, we are going to turn our erotic game up just a teeny bit, with titty fucking.

However, let’s slowly go into it, you know I’m in love with the art of foreplay.

Titty fucking is surprisingly easy, despite the fact that so few do it!

It’s almost as easy as giving your man a handjob or blow job. 10 Tips On How To Give A Successful Blowjob

Titty fucking has many different names.

Some call it giving him a camel wank, breast wanking or titty wanking and there are probably hundreds more names for it out there like teddy duck and melon ball.

But this underappreciated sexual practice proves orgasmic for men and women alike.

What is titty fucking?

The basic action that you will be performing is putting his penis in between your cleavage.

Once it’s in between your cleavage, you then need to push your breasts together to ‘trap’ his penis between your breasts to provide friction.

Your man can start to ‘fuck’ your breasts or you can move your breast up and down over his penis.

Physically doing all this is easy.

The problem is building up the courage to do it and not being nervous about trying it.

So let’s look at some positions you can try to ensure you both have fun.

4 Positions To Try when titty fucking

4 Positions To Try During Melon Ball

Your man may be eager to try it if he has seen it in a porno or his friends have told him about it.

While it’s not the most intimate position to try with your man, it is still fun and can be quite hot and dirty if that’s what you (or your man) enjoy.

In any situation, sex is also about pleasing your man in ways that are more for him than you. (at least sometimes)

  1. Bow to your king. 
    During foreplay, (which should always include a combo of blowjob/handjob), ensure that you are kneeling in between his legs and slowly put yourself in a position where your breasts are beside his dick and rub as you work.
    This position is also a great one to allow you both to stare into each other’s eyes while he uses your breasts to stroke his dick to climax.
  2. R&R
    Have your man lie down on his back with his legs together and flat.
    When he is lying down straddle his legs by his knees while facing him.
    Then bend over and put his dick in between your breasts and start giving him a titty fuck.
  3. Reverse CowBoy
    Lay on your back while your man straddles your chest.
    Ass pointed towards your face, let him cup your breasts with both hands, pressing them together.
    He will then slide his hard dick between your breasts.
    Each time he thrusts, his ass pushes back into your face.
    So catch up on your techniques Rimming: 10 Fun Facts When Giving A Rim Job to use as additional pleasure.
    When fucking your breasts, he can also use the opportunity to finger fuck your wet cunt.
  4. CowBoy
    You already know that this is just having your man turn around from the reverse cowboy.
    Your man once again straddles your chest, but in this instance, he does so with his dick facing your mouth.
    In this position, you can also help to hold your breasts together while your man fucks them.
    Even better, you can steal licks to his dick with your tongue each time he thrusts towards your mouth. 20 Tips To Improve Your Blowjob Game


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A few of you may say, my breasts are too small for titty fucking.

Honey, that is never the case.

All you need is a nice oil-based lube like some coconut oil or even vaseline and that will give him the same satisfaction like you have DD melons.

Stay away from lotions!

I know women tend to be a little selfish sometimes and don’t care much because a man can come easily.

It doesn’t hurt to do a little extra and give your man a different feeling when he ejaculates.

Just like how our orgasms when we masturbate, when finger fucked, and when penetrated are all different, so is it for your man when the journey to having an orgasm variates.

To my fellas, catch up this too 9 Things Your Partner Can Do To Your Breast During Sex so you can add your spices in the mix.

Life requires spice.