Sex Playtlist

Sex playlist–do you have one?

Music almost always makes sex better, with one condition: You have to play the right songs.

Listening to heavy metal probably isn’t going to get you and your partner in the mood.

(If it does, good for you! No taste-shaming here.)

Typically, you want to go for something sensual with a beat that you can grind to.

That’s why R&B is often a go-to choice for people wanting to get intimate.

While you’re probably not listening too intently to the lyrics of a song during sex, it can be a bonus if the song is about sex or relationships, topics that speak to passionate lovemaking.

It can be weird to have moments when you tune in to the lyrics and the artist is singing about a parent passing away.

If that doesn’t kill the mood, I don’t know what does.

If you don’t have a go-to sex playlist (or your partner’s called you out for playing the same album every damn time),

it’s time to get some new, sexy music that’s guaranteed to put you and your partner in the mood.

Here’s a list of songs I came up with to help you bump and grind all night long.

45 Best Songs To Have Sex To

  1. Kiss it better by Rihanna
  2. The Morning by The Weekend
  3. The space between by Majid Jordon
  4. Mirage (Don’t Stop) by Jessie Ware
  5. Brain by Banks
  6. Sex with me by Rihanna
  7. Icy by Kim Petras
  8. Save room for us by Tinashe, Makj
  9. Earned It by The Weekend
  10. Pony by Ginuwine
  11. Heaven by Julia Micheals
  12. Come Thru by Summer Walker & Usher
  13. Adorn by Miguel
  14. The Thrill by Miguel
  15. Available by Justin Beiber
  16. The Wolf by The Spencer Band
  17. Gonna love me by Teyona Taylor
  18. Big Racks by Bree Runway, Brooke Candy
  19. BMO by Ari Lennox
  20. Perfect Crime by Tinashe
  21. Often by The Weekend
  22. Contaminated by Banks
  23. Come on back by Shungudzo
  24. Say So by Doja Cat
  25. Neighbours know my name by Trey Songz
  26. Self Control by Frank Ocean
  27. Bossy by Kelis
  28. Elastic Heart by Sia
  29. WAP by Cardi B Feat Megan Thee Stallion
  30. Let’s get it on by Marvin Gaye
  31. Good Thing by Zedd, Khelani
  32. Birthday Sex by Jeremih
  33. Nice and Slow by Usher
  34. Red Lipstick by Trey Songz
  35. When we by Tank
  36. Dance for you by Beyonce
  37. Let me love you by Ariana Grande
  38. It won’t stop by Sevyn Streeter, Chris Brown
  39. Motivation by Kelly Rowland
  40. Throat by Gage
  41. One Time by Jada Kingdom
  42. Foreplay by Shenseea
  43. Fuck u mean by Dexta Daps
  44. Come inside by Ishawna
  45. Bring it come by Govana

Mood lighting? Check.

Scented candles? Check.

Clothes ready to be ripped off? Double-check.

A playlist featuring the best sex songs? Tripple-check

A solid sex playlist is the real MVP of your bedroom game.

Whether you prefer to get down and dirty, turn up the heat with some sultry beats, or get it on smooth and easy, a

good sex song will always help you amp up your date night, or a random Tuesday afternoon.

Plus remember, not every song you put on a sex playlist actually needs to be about sex.

(But, conveniently enough, they usually are.)

What’s really important is the way the song’s rhythm, sultry vocals, and overall vibe makes you feel—all night/day


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