Balls–Who is up for a game of catch?

Oral sex has now become an everyday norm.

I am sure you would believe or you may consider yourself a pro in that area, right?

After all, I have talked about it so much from 10 Steps To Improving Your Eating Game  to 10 Tips On How To Give A Successful Blowjob

I have shared with you my little tips and tricks to make the orals an experience and not a mere encounter.

However, I believe that some of you may be benching some key players in your blowjob and I couldn’t live with myself, knowing I never reminded you to give everyone a play.

After all, who doesn’t like to play with balls!?

Balls Sucking

Yes, you know how to suck dick but that dick has two very important friends attached.

And we always try to be nice to our partner’s friends.

During the blowjob, I would hope that you at least use your free hand, spit in it and, massage those balls as his dick massages your throat but one can only hope.

The thing is, alternating your suction between the shaft and the balls give an even more exhilarating oral experience as you are colliding two different levels of orgasmic pleasure into one.

Let’s take a look at what I am really trying to say.

What is tea bagging?

Teabag is the sexual act in which the scrotum of a man is placed into his partner’s mouth over and over, like a teabag being put into a cup of hot water.

I would like you to understand, that as your tongue touches his scrotum, the blood vessels are so sensitive that it almost immediately heightens his sexual feeling.

Picture when ice touches your nipples–your tongue is the ice to his balls–wicked awesome, right!

But some of you are squirmish and don’t want to get with the balls because they are close to his ass.

Like who even cares? Ass can be eaten anyways! (to be discussed in an upcoming post–lmao)

The balls need their time and everyone needs different levels of orgasmic pleasure, not just you and your pussy.

In essence, we definately want to explore the tea bagging but there are other acts that you can do to the scrotum that provides pleasure.

Just like oral sex, it is an art and so the practice becomes permanent.

Tea bagging is just one way to play, let me share 4 more with you.

5 Tips On How To Play With His Balls

  1. The raphe line is very sensitive– it is the literal line down the middle of the scrotum where all of their tissues fused together in utero.
    By slowly using your tongue to stimulate that line it increases the pleasure.
    The dick gets a nudge, so if you do it long enough you will begin to see some pre-cum waving hello to you.
    You can also try gently massaging the seam with your thumb for a combination effect.
  2. Your hands are always one of your best tools in sex.
    If you don’t want to use your saliva then use some edible lubrication but make your hands crazy wet.
    Find the pressure your partner enjoys by stroking the testicles at a downward angle, rolling them in your hands like dice, or tapping a rhythm with your fingers.
  3. Licking and light sucking is usually fair game. A little tongue flicking wouldn’t hurt either.
    If you’re going to suck, start slowly and lightly.
    You can put the whole ball in your mouth or just an inch or so of the skin.
    If you’re going to lick, anything goes! Lick each ball separately, lick the seam between the balls, spell words, or experiment going side-to-side and up-and-down.
  4. Adding toys.
    Did you know that there are toys made specifically for testicular stimulation?
    Toys like the Tenuto, Crescendo, and the Fin Finger Vibe.
    These vibrators are made especially for men and their testicles and provide a unique vibration for them that aids during sex.
  5. Kiss them.
    Though this may sound like one of the weird ways to play with his testicles, it isn’t.
    Maybe you can’t quite commit to having them in your mouth for whatever reason, but it feels fantastic to have sensitive areas kissed.

Sexy Toys for Balls

What may be enjoyable for one person, may not be enjoyable to another.

Basically, “Testicles are like snowflakes! No two are alike.

Don’t forget that your partner is the expert on their own balls.

Ask them him if he plays with his balls when he masturbates, and have him show you his techniques.

Or try out some of the ideas mentioned above, and ask him which ones he likes best.

When it comes to his package, just remember: you take care of it, and it’ll take care of you.

Now for you lazy ones who can’t be bothered, let me hit you with this;

Swirl the tip of your tongue around his scrotum — the loose sac of skin that surrounds the testicles.
Then, lick his balls with long, sweeping strokes as if you were savoring a delicious ice cream cone.
Mix it up and intermittently purse your lips and suck softly on the skin or take each testicle all the way into your mouth.  You’ll make his toes curl if you feverishly flick it with your tongue.

The most important thing to remember, though, is to have fun exploring.

Creating intimacy between you and your partner is all about discovering each other.

And each other’s bodies, in gentle, non-judgmental ways.

Bringing your partner’s testicles to the party is just another way to enjoy each other’s company.


5 Tips On How To Play With His Balls