Throuple life anyone!?

Since the beginning of time, we all have had sexual fantasies and the most common one is having a threesome.

A threesome gives us the opportunity to explore not our sexual desires, but it also allows us to challenge ourselves.

To see how long our stamina really lasts and how deep our sexual feelings go for the fantasy.

Threesomes may also cause a problem in a relationship that is why we suggested 10 Signs That You & Your Partner Are Ready For a Threesome

So you know when you are ready.

Let us think out of the box a little more.

The way in which the world is progressing, isn’t it time you try to take your threesome experience?

Evolve it into a Throuple relationship?

Throuple doesn’t mean threesome, which primarily involves three adults having consensual sex together.

No doubt, it’s a form of polyamory, but the relationship in question is “restricted” to only three partners of any gender and sexual orientation.

This is a romantic or even a committed relationship where three people are in love and want to take their relationship beyond a mere sexual liaison.

Surely, this is a new level of being “committed” and one may want to indulge, but are you really ready for that type of living?

6 Tips To Consider When Entering Into A Throuple Relationship

No one likes a complication and in order to try and have success in a throuple you might want to consider these simple tips;

  1. What are you really looking for?
    Someone may be polyaffective. This means they are looking for just platonic emotional connections so it’s very possible that they have no sexual contact with the partners.
  2. Does anyone plan to be polyfidelitous?
    This happens when you are in a committed relationship with multiple people. (Multiple Throuples basically)
  3. You may think you all have the sex aspect covered, but do you really? Questions to consider; Does it always have to be a threesome experience? Does anyone have any limits? Are there fantasies that anyone would like to experience? Just to name a few.
  4. Before agreeing you need to ensure that a relationship actually exists.  It is only a throuple if a couple has consented in having a third person apart for their relationship/marriage.
  5. It will help you reach your partner more because when a third person is involved, chances are you’ll expose yourself and your original partner to qualities that both of you may want but can’t offer each other.
  6. Is this a long term arrangement or just something to spice up a dying sex life?  and what happens if someone gets pregnant?

Throuple Sex

Now there are many more areas you may want to consider.

However, we ain’t here to keep a semester in throupology but rather to give you that extra motivation to make the first steps.

A throuple can be a highly satisfying relationship, thanks to shared pursuits and common life goals.

And remember as a couple, If you want to be in a throuple, you and your significant other need to be mutually attracted to the third person. And all three of you must consensually enter into such a relationship.



6 Tips To Consider When Entering Into A Throuple Relationship