Penises are as unique as the people they hang from, and they’re all good. More than good, really.

Not only are they great fun and the thing that ensures the survival of the human race,

But they can also act as a constant source of fascination for anyone who doesn’t have one.

Size, girth, shape, direction, and color – there really is no end to the variety a dick can provide.

So if you’ve ever wondered what’s going on in a woman’s head when you strip off, it’s time to find out.

I had the pleasure of speaking with some ladies and they had some very interesting insights on areas of the dick that has sparked my fascination.

8 Fascinations About The Penis

  1. Size- the name speaks for itself.

    ” Size doesn’t matter, it is how he uses it”

    “I’d like to say it doesn’t, but it does to an extent. ”

    “I never thought size mattered until I was with someone with a HUGE penis and having sex became unbearable. Since then I’ve felt that size really makes a difference.”

    “Yes, it matters, but only if it’s too big. That shit hurts! Plus, guys with big dicks tend to rest on that and not actually put much effort into pleasing their partner because it’s like, ‘I have a big dick, what else do you want?'”

    “No, because good sex is much more a result of a healthy emotional connection than body part size.”

    “It doesn’t matter. I’ve found that men with even the smallest dicks know how to work them in a way that size doesn’t come into play.” 6 Effective Sex Positions for Small Penis Men

    “I’ve dumped guys for big penises, I’m not about that life.”

  2. Girth- cock girth is the circumference of the cock.

    “Girth is more important than length — about the thickness of a deodorant can is perfect for me.”

    “The ratio of girth to length is just right. 6.3 inches long and 4.3 inches around is ideal”

    “I experienced a very girthy straight cock. When I say girthy, I mean girthy; the same sort of circumference as a standard-sized coke can. It was the most delicious. Girth is where it’s at.”

    “If I had to pick between girth and length, it’d be girth.”

    “Too much length or girth is more hassle than it’s worth.”

  3. Shape- this speaks for itself.

    “I love the ones that bend. I had a bender once and it could touch corners that no-one had reached before. It also went down my throat at the perfect angle.”

    “The cock with an upward curve is an advantage when it comes to stimulating all the right spots for toe-curling, full-body orgasms: the G-spot, A-spot, and prostate.”

    “When the cock is curved down like when you flip a banana, it is easier to stimulate my A-, G-, and P-spot and it is great when doing the Riding into the sunset position.”

    “C-shaped dicks make the T-bone position heavenly.”
    This position begins with the penetrating partner on their side with their curve pointed toward the sky. The receiving partner lies on their back in a T angle and drapes their legs over their partner’s hip, ready for penetration.

    “I love a straight cock because it can enie-meenie-miney-mo its way through every sex position.”

    that penis is nice

  4. Circumcised- partially or totally removing the foreskin from the penis.

    “Dicks without a foreskin are nice because they look much neater.”

    “I really dislike circumcised men, because I can’t cope with the actual penis.”

    “Not a fan of circumcised penises.”

    “I like them circumcised.”

    “Circumcised cocks turn me on more”

    “Handjobs are more difficult with circumcised men”

  5. Uncircumcised- keeping the foreskin on the penis.

    “I prefer a penis that still has its foreskin, but for functional reasons, rather than aesthetic.”

    “Uncut men are better for giving blowjobs”

    “I like playing with the foreskin”

    “Foreskin is not bad, just different”

    “Feels better during sex”

    “Blowjobs are quicker when uncut”

    “Foreskin makes the penis more sensitive”

  6. Overall Look- looking at the penis as a whole.

    “Nothing too veiny or threatening. Some penises just sort of angrily stare at you.”

    “I love an angry cock, you know, all twitchy and veiny.”

    “I love a thick vein down the shaft, so you can see it’s really hard.”

    “I like a thick cock, veiny and firm.”

    “A smooth solid penis is preferable, especially because I enjoy giving head and it’s nicer to do with a pretty penis.” 20 Tips To Improve Your Blowjob Game

  7. Grooming- the trimming or removal of pubic hair from the genitals.

    “Hair is OK on the balls and pubic area, but never on the actual cock.”

    “Grooming is very important.”

    “Groomed pubic hair goes a long way toward making a penis look attractive.”

    “Manscaping should be a man’s priority. I don’t like hair being caught in my teeth.”

    “Clean shaved allows me to see what I am about to swallow, I don’t do well at gardening so I prefer to not have to deal with weeds on his dick”

  8. Head of the penis- should it be a mushroom or a half of mushroom?

    “I  really like a big head.”

    “I like to see a perfectly shaped mushroom head”

    “Pink is pretty and that is how the head should look”

    “I hate heads that have dark spots on them, they don’t invite me to suck on it”


big black penis


I know for some women, you may rank other characteristics like trustworthiness and overall attractiveness as more important than penis size,

And most preferences had to do more with functionality than aesthetics.

However, some women is not me! lol

Frankly, I am more interested in proportionality and upkeep just as much, if not more than penis size or girth.

In the end as long as your dick can aid in multi orgasm and deep penetration, it will get a pass if it suffers from a dark head or an unfinished formed mushroom.

Intimacy Coach