8 Reasons Why Orgies Are Awesome

In the early 1900’s the thought of saying “fuck” instead of “sex” was a no-no. As time progressed, who really gave a fuck about how you referred to sexual intercourse?

What was even more “un-natural” was the introduction of 3-ways which quickly turned into 4 ways, 6 ways and bam! Here comes orgy parties. Lovely….right!? Orgies are super fun!

Orgies are a fun way of mixing up your sex life if you haven’t tried it at least once you’re dead-ass missing out! That is why we will be looking at “8 Reasons Why Orgies Are Awesome”

Orgies Are Awesome
8 Reasons Why Orgies Are Awesome

The word ‘orgy’, which ultimately derives from the Ancient Greek orgion/orgia, entered the English language in the 1560s to mean ‘any licentious revelry’.

Originally, orgia referred to the secret rights of the Ancient Greek mystery cults such as the Dionysian Mysteries and the Cult of Cybele, which aimed above all at ecstatic union with the divine.

Nowadays our divine is what is between our legs, and we are more open-minded to being fully naked in front of family and friends so entering into an orgy is like walking through an open door, at least for the majority.

Orgies typically top the list of fantasies when it comes to challenging one’s own vanilla-ness…

However for the people that are scared to try, intimidated, overthink the process for whatever other reason you try to conjure up for not have some of the wildest and most exhilarating sex of your life, I am here to help push you into the right direction….head first!

What is an Orgy?

An orgy is when five or more consenting persons engage in sexual intercourse in the same place over the same period of time.

What is a party without Orgies

8 Reasons Why Orgies Are Awesome!

  1. Orgies are better than one on one sex because you have the opportunity to skive off.
  2. More people to pleasure you simultaneously.
  3. It boosts self-esteem and confidence.
  4. Higher probability of feeling different levels of orgasms from different people in one sexual encounter.Orgies are fun
  5. It’s an excellent workout.
  6. It’s a great way to meet new, open-minded and exciting people.
  7. There is no guilt to be felt during or after the act as all parties involved are there with the same intention, to cum.
  8. Opportunity to indulge in all your fantasies and explore new ones.


Different Types of Orgies

Just like how there are different positions, there are different types of Orgies too…

  1. Gangbang- when the majority is one sex and the opposite sex is 1 person (like the pic above/below).
  2. Roundbed- when you have an even number of the sexes.

Planning a Successful Orgy

I am no “expert” on the matter however there are some sheer logistics in planning a successful orgy. Who do you invite? How do you invite them? What do you bring? What rules do you lay down?

General rules include:

Safe sex.
Active consent is a must.
Avoid gossiping and gossipers.
No smartphones or cameras allowed at the orgy. Check them at the door.
No hard drugs.
Liquor is a MUST.



The trick to a good invite list is balance. Make sure your orgy virgin-to-pro ratio is at least 1:3, invite single friends or open couples who are comfortable with their sexuality and ballsy enough to make the first move. Of course, there is the charismatic orgy veteran that isn’t afraid to get the ball rolling.


No mass invites. Be selective and invite people personally over text or maybe through a private Facebook event if you’re feeling ambitious.  Make sure your invitation states what kind of sex to expect (BDSM, anal, lesbian-only?) and any house rules you may have.

After you get those two important aspects out the way, the rest is history….. Just have fun…

It’s important that people don’t feel pressured to play. You’re trying to create a fun, cool, safe environment that people feel comfortable in. So you’ll want to make it clear that people don’t have to have sex if they show up. Your main goal, like any party, should just be for people to have a good time.

Keep it Dirty!

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8 Reasons Why Orgies Are Awesome
8 Reasons Why Orgies Are Awesome