8 Tips On How To Orgasm With Bartholin's Cyst

There are a lot of women who just need a push.

Whether that is spicing up the bedroom room, unleashing their inner sexual potential, or learning something new.

But, there are some women who wish they could feel the pleasure that an orgasm provides.

A few women may be forced into a  continuous depressed mental state because they are not able to feel comfortable with a penis in their vagina because it provides excruciating pain.

Some instances are so bad that even strong winds that pass by their genitals, leave them in pain.

I am sure some of us women could never imagine ourselves living a life like that.

Even sex addicts might cringe at even the thought of that possibility.

But it is very real and many women may be experiencing this type of sexual trauma in silence.

What am I really getting at? I’ll tell you– Bartholin’s Cyst

Living with Bartholin's Cyst

What is Bartholin’s Cyst?

The Bartholin’s (BAHR-toe-linz) glands are located on each side of the vaginal opening.

During sexual arousal, the Bartholin’s gland releases a lubricating fluid.

Sometimes the openings of these glands become obstructed, causing fluid to back up into the gland.

The Bartholin’s gland can become blocked for a variety of reasons, such as infection, inflammation or long-term irritation.

The result is a relatively painless swelling called a Bartholin’s cyst.

Bartholin's Cyst on Vulva

A Bartholin’s cyst or abscess is common.

The required treatment of a Bartholin’s cyst depends on the size of the cyst, how painful the cyst is, and whether the cyst is infected.

Sometimes home treatment is all you need.

In other cases, surgical drainage of the Bartholin’s cyst is necessary.

If an infection occurs, antibiotics may be helpful to treat the infected Bartholin’s cyst.


Many of the Bartholin’s gland cysts don’t cause any symptoms.

They usually are discovered when a woman notices a small, painless mass just outside the opening to the vagina, or when a physician notices it during a routine pelvic examination.

However, if the cyst grows larger than 1 inch in diameter, it can cause discomfort when sitting, or during intercourse.

Because of the pain and risk of infection, women are usually advised not to have sex.

But what should you try to release that sexual tension?

8 Tips On How To Orgasm With Bartholin Cyst

  1. Sleeping
    During the REM stage of sleep, it’s not uncommon for female genitals to become engorged which can lead to an orgasm.
    These orgasms often accompany erotic dreams, but they also may occur during dreams of a non-erotic nature.
  2. Working Out
    Sometimes you get in tune with your body quicker than your mind can.
    Coregasm or exercise-induced orgasm is still a topic that I am experimenting with but
    Abdominal exercises (hence coregasm), climbing, and lifting weights are among the most common exercises to induce orgasm.
  3. Thinking
    You can actually think yourself to an orgasm, or “think off,” through deep breathing and Kegels.
  4. Whispering
    Ask your partner to seduce you through whispers.
    Although controversial, the sound of whispering or tapping fingernails can cause pleasurable tingles, or ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response).
    This tingling sensation can be accompanied by feelings of euphoria and relaxation, leading some to coin the experience of a “brain-gasm,” or brain orgasm.
  5. Masturbation
    Yes, this is definitely one way of getting off but not in the way you think.
    You would need to concentrate more on stimulating the clitoris. Staying on top
    12 Reasons–To Take Matters Into Your Own Hands
  6. Anal Play
    Whether you agree or not, the facts are that your ass is an erogenous zone that can provide you with multiple orgasms.
    You and your partner can take a look at Rimming: 10 Fun Facts When Giving A Rim Job for some pointers.
  7. Nipple Play
    The fact is that stimulation of the breasts is a wonderful way to increase your arousal, and intensity your orgasms. 9 Things Your Partner Can Do To Your Breast During Sex
    Due to the release of oxytocin in the bloodstream during breast stimulation (a naturally-occurring sex hormone, that is responsible for the tingly feeling we get when we’re aroused), stimulation of the breasts and nipples is super-pleasurable all by itself.
  8. Tummy Play
    One of the best ways for your partner to approach belly button play is by circling the area.
    Use large circles that converge slowly, using the belly button as your bullseye.
    Your partner can perform these movements with a light touch, your tongue, or a sex toy.
    They can also try, gently rubbing around your belly button like they’re massaging your abs.
    When a woman’s abdomen is lightly stimulated, her abdominal muscles contract, and
    since the abdominal muscles are connected to the vagina, these contractions can make her feel aroused and my extension gives you an orgasm.

I know that some women may start to question if some of these tips can really provide an orgasmic end game, but you would be surprised at how they allow you to connect with your body so you can give it what it wants.

Bartholin's Cyst

How Can You Treat Bartholin’s Cyst?

If you have mild swelling but no cyst or if you have a cyst that is soft, apply warm compresses.

That may be all you need to relieve the blockage and help to fight infection.

Over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, and other brand names) may help to relieve pain and calm inflammation.

If the cyst turns into a larger abscess with pus, it must be drained.

You may need to take antibiotics if the infection spreads to the surrounding skin and genital area.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

When you first notice mild tenderness or a small lump, use warm towel compresses to help to drain the gland and cyst and to prevent infection.

Also, safer sex practices — in particular, using condoms — and good hygiene habits may help to prevent infection of a cyst and the formation of an abscess.

In the end, many of you may have experienced or are experiencing this type of discomfort.

And even though a Bartholin’s cyst or abscess may recur and again require treatment.

Your intimate life does not have to feel the brunt of your pain.

The best part about it is that you don’t have to do this alone, and if you are too shy to try with your partner then reach out to me here 1 on 1 with Khloe-Rae and set your appointment for an intimate session to jump-start a step by step regime to assist you in your journey to orgasmic pleasure.

8 Tips On How To Orgasm With Bartholin's Cyst