Stimulate your breast

The body gives us so many different arousal and the results are sometimes hard to keep up and our breast is definitely one of those pleasure compounds.

There is a place that is so sensitive, that if the breeze was too windy it peeps out and if the temperature was too low it stands at attention but if the right wetness hits it at the right time then…

Ohh..tantalizing chills run through the core of your veins…. let’s dive into those Naughty Nipples!


What happens to your breast during sex?

  1. They get aroused shooting out those hard sexy nipples.
  2. They get bigger and more full.
  3. The areola swells sometimes so much that the nipples don’t even look erected.
  4. They release scented sweat.
  5. They tell your brain to release Oxytocin (the love hormone).
  6. Aid in achieving an orgasm.
  7. They change in color.

Suck on Breast

9 Things Your Partner Can Do To Your Breast During Sex

  1. Scissors them -have your partner make a V-shape with their hand and scissors around your nipples. Its a totally new type of sensation.
  2. Don’t be afraid to use a little teeth to nibble across those nipples and use that gap for greatness. Also if your partner kisses your breasts and ignores your nipples for a few minutes, the teasing will be enough to drive you wild.
  3. Back it up and cup those breasts from behind tight and hard, as you playfully squeeze those nipples.
  4. Make your treat even better, top it off with some ice, honey, whip cream or chocolate syrup.

    Squeeze that breast

  5. Gently use your fingers and run along the contours of them melons, a feather works perfectly.
  6. The nipple stimulation from the right angle with the right tongue and teeth technique can run rivers between their legs.
  7. Use an elastic band to wrap around the nipples just before you suck and play with them to increase the pressure and pleasure.
  8. A Vibe-its our new favorite toy
  9. Those nice winds you like to blow in our ears, trying blowing those nipples and watch her twitch.

You have to know how to provide maximum satisfaction when you have the right tools and the right vessel.

You want to ensure that you explore the full potential of those Naughty Nipples and that stiff breast, so they can make the ride more fun.

I call my twins Tina & Lisa.

Tina is the older and bigger of the two, and sometimes she feels the need to overshadow Lisa because of her natural size but Lisa is the real type of underdog.

Lisa is full of surprises and if you’re not alert she may poke your eye out!

Divided they give their own type of sensation but as you combine their sensations, you will see the fireworks in my eyes.


9 Things Your Partner Can Do To Your Breast During Sex