G-spot located

The G-Spot!?

Christophe said:

“just close those beautiful brown eyes and relax, let me learn the curves of your body”

Voice shaking and nerves running Cassandra sighed and replied,

“ok but I am telling you, it’s not gonna work, you can’t find it!”


Laying on her back naked, ass heist by a pillow and palms faced down on the bed, Christophe decided to make his journey .…ha… After all, he knew his skills….

Tender kisses filled her sides and stomach and as his lips touched her nervous body she flinches in surprise but quickly calmed into the feeling as never before had a man start from the middle.

He made his way up and as his tongue approached her nipples, he peeped and saw they were already awaiting him

He then softly nibbled around, teasing them and as they got harder he sucked them like a newborn baby, gripping harder and harder.

As he gripped he saw the sheet below him move and the soft sounds of moans echo from her lips.

She was almost ready he thought, and so he journeyed from whence he came.

His tongue passed her sexy navel and she gasped, it was then he used his hands to press her body against the bed as she was not gonna go anywhere until he found what he was looking for.


Is that your g-spot

With her legs opened like scissors and her body high in anticipation;

Christophe looked in amazement as the sight of that lady was beyond pretty and nearly got him off course but he quickly regained the purpose of his journey.

He felt the outside, warm and inviting so he let himself in and started to spread the lips, cleared the guards and revealed what seemed like a long-awaited rescue.

Thumb on point, index lodged inside, he simultaneously rubbed and massaged on the inside and out…..softly…teasing…harder…faster…harder …..faster…..

He then felt a gush hit his face, and a loud scream “OMFG!!! What the hell have you done to me?” panting in excitement…juices flowing…wiping his face, Christophe replied “Mission accomplished boo!” hehehe

he located her g-spot


It may be hard sometimes to find that particular spot but it does exist and sometimes that spot is not just one but multiple areas.

As long as you can mentally stimulate your partner then all the spots will be highlighted.

The slightest touch will send orgasmic waves through the bloodstream making your partner scream to be fucked.

Best believe it, ladies, your man has a G-Spot too!

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