This might seem obvious, but pubic hair is, well, hair that grows around your genitals.

Growing pubic hair is a hallmark sign of puberty for most people, though the amount of it varies from person to person.

During puberty, your body is becoming sexually mature, and hormone fluctuations result in physical changes like more body hair (armpit hair, facial hair, and pubic hair), as well as other changes like breast development, getting a period, larger testicles, muscle growth, deeper voice, and acne.

This is a good thing, at the teenage stage in life but as adults, pubic hair is not your comfort zone.

What is the purpose of pubic hair?

Like most hair on your body, pubic hair is thought to have some protective benefits.

  1. It may act as a gatekeeper for preventing dirt from entering the vagina.
  2. It might also serve as a cushion of sorts to protect against friction from sex or other forms of exercise.
  3. A covering to keep those parts warm.
  4. Pheromones, or chemicals your body produces that send subconscious messages to other potential mates.

There are always pros and cons to every situation and these are reasonable pros;

But men, I know you enjoy getting your soul sucked out of your dick,

And women we like to get our juicy pussy eaten,

So then why do our partners need to become part-time gardeners?

Let’s look at all the reasons why you need to get rid of that bush!

7 Reasons Why Grooming Is A MUST

  1. It prevents the hair from being stuck in your partner’s teeth during oral sex.
  2. It prevents tongue rings/cock rings from being tangled into a hair web.
  3. Prevents hairballs.
  4. Having less pubic hair signifies a tidy, cleaner vagina/dick.
  5. Gives the genitals a chance to breathe.
  6. Reduces genital odors as there is nothing to trap sweat.
  7. Looks more inviting.

Grooming that pussy

Removing your pubes won’t magically increase your sexual pleasure

Now I would love to tell you that when you remove the hair, the pleasure of sex is better,

I so wish that was the case however it is not.

How you choose to groom your pubic hair — or if you choose to trim at all — is a matter of personal preference.

But men, I speak for the women when I say—manscaping is a MUST.

Who would really want to be plowing the land with their fingers or lips? Would you?

I also would like to see what I am working with,

How big and saggy those balls are so I know how to position myself for tea-bagging,

It excites me to see where the root of your dick really starts,

And it also assists me with the mental preparation that I must complete before deepthroating.

I do not want any surprises and I am sure my ladies will agree.

Grooming make balls sexy

And ladies, we too have a responsibility

In my opinion a little more hair removal than just the juicy pussy.

  1. You want your pussy to be eaten, best you keep it bald.
  2. Want your pussy to be more inviting then keep it bald.
  3. Your partner may have a foot fetish, shave them legs.
  4. Your partner’s tongue may have no boundaries, shave the armpits.
  5. You like neck kisses & ear lobe smoochies, get rid of that beard.

Take care of you so all that your partner needs to focus on from the get-go is making your orgasm fulfilling.

When I do some further thinking I said to myself,

What some of us may have an issue with is trying to find the right tools to remove the hair.

Because between how the product smells, skin sensitive, and the overall desired results,

I wouldn’t want you to be all over the place torturing those innocent genitals.


Hair Removal Methods & Products

Removing hair in and around the genital region is one of those lifelong dilemmas of what to use and how to use it.

You just have to take the chance to try and find out what is best for you.

In case you need some additional options to the traditional ones, then take a look here:

  1. Waxing
  2. Shaving
  3. Micro-blading
  4. Tweezing
  5. Trimming with scissors
  6. Hair Removal Lotions
  7. Electrolysis
  8. Laser hair removal

Some Hair removal Lotions you can try which I highly recommend are:









Now let’s prepare to serve dinner, shall we!

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