8 Benefits Of Lips To Lips Kissing

Did you look at those kissing lips lately?

Have you felt how soft and delicate they are?

Have you realized that sometimes they are at their prettiest pink and other times they get a little red?

Do you know that they protect the vessel that’s so deep and warm that everyone loves?

Kissing Red Lips

Your lips provide you with outer and inner beauty, it’s versatile and sometimes a little naughty.

The lusciousness of this specimen does way more good than bad.

Let us run an experiment

  1. Stand in front of your mirror
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Take a deep breath and relax your mind as you get ready to focus
  4. Take your index finger and gently run across your lips from bottom to top and vice versa

They feel so soft and wet…

How your touch tingles your senses? STOP! I didn’t say stick that finger in there……yet!

In addition, when we learn to appreciate those lines then we can always get a different kind of pleasure.

8 Benefits Of Lips To Lips Kissing

Did you know?

That the size of the lips is proportional to the size of his or her penis or vagina. Oh Yes!

It’s sometimes easy to determine the size of a potential partner’s organ, just by observing the width and thickness of their lips.

When you look at the lips of a woman it’s the same as the lips of her labia.

For men who have big lips, the likelihood of them having a big penis is very high.

On the other hand,  there is more we can do with our lips.

Many of us love to kiss and are so passionate about it.

However, there are others who aren’t a fan and have no idea how beneficial it is to their sexual and physical evolution.

8 Benefits of Lips to Lips Kissing

The attraction we have to others releases dopamine (neurotransmitter hormone) just by catching sight of him/her or by thinking about them.

Lips to lips kissing is a type of affection but it also has a range of health benefits that hardly anyone is aware about.

  1. Try closing your eyes while kissing; Because we are unable to cope with the extreme tactile sensation of kissing and the visual data at the same time, by closing our eyes, this relieves pressure from our brain keeping the brain focused.
  2. While kissing it reduces your blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy because a neurotransmitter called epinephrine is released into your blood which makes your heart pump faster and your cholesterol level comes down.
  3. The blood vessels are dilated while kissing due to the release of adrenaline to blood and hence menstrual cramps, headaches and even backaches get relieved. The production of saliva increases and hence plaque gets washed away making your teeth free from cavities.
  4. Weight loss at its best when kissing burns 2-3 calories in a minute and speeds up your metabolism. Research says that 3 passionate kisses lasting for 20 seconds daily will make you lose an entire pound.

  5. While kissing, you exercise at least 30 of your facial muscles, so the more you kiss you indulge in facial exercises that would make your face tight, preventing the baggy cheeks and improves the blood circulation to the face.
  6. The natural antibiotics that are secreted in the saliva during kissing, coupled with antibodies secreted during sex, which are proteins made by the immune system to fight antigens, helps the body’s immune system to elevate.
  7. Indulging in passionate kissing for 20 seconds or more secretes a brain chemical that acts as a tranquilizer and reduces the stress level.
  8. A passionate kiss tones up about 112 postural muscles of your body also. So, kissing daily can give you a cellulite-free body and a face that looks firm and young.

You can now decide to have kissing as part of your daily routine just like the gym, work, and sex.

After all, it’s to help our mind, body, and soul too.

Lip Kissing