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Jahleel Saunders
What He Said

What He Said: Jahleel

The Saunders were really great people. It’s been a long time: Jheanel Saunders Jheanel and I have been friends, for all my 32 years that I have been on this earth. We were born 2 days apart and it has always been me and her against the world. Attended the same pre-school, prep school, high …

Sexy Alejandro
What He Said

What He Said: Alejandro

What He Said? I saw Alejandro staring at me from across the room. Its been years, and he still looks good. Sexy lips, a body that screams sex. The eyes were still filled with life and humor. I never knew that just looking into his eyes would rekindle that good old feeling. You know what …

8 Reasons Why Orgies Are Awesome

8 Reasons Why Orgies Are Awesome

In the early 1900’s the thought of saying “fuck” instead of “sex” was a no-no. As time progressed, who really gave a fuck about how you referred to sexual intercourse? What was even more “un-natural” was the introduction of 3-ways which quickly turned into 4 ways, 6 ways and bam! Here comes orgy parties. Lovely….right!? …