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Living with vaginismus
Sexual Health

Living with Vaginismus

Wouldn’t you agree with me that a vagina is a magical place? Plus, it is one of the cleanest places on a woman’s body, And, we think we really know about it but what do we really know? and are we even aware of some of its complications? Caribbean men like to say they want …

8 Reasons Why Orgies Are Awesome

8 Reasons Why Orgies Are Awesome

In the early 1900’s the thought of saying “fuck” instead of “sex” was a no-no. As time progressed, who really gave a fuck about how you referred to sexual intercourse? What was even more “un-natural” was the introduction of 3-ways which quickly turned into 4 ways, 6 ways and bam! Here comes orgy parties. Lovely….right!? …