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do you make her cum, orgasm or climax

Do you make her Cum, Orgasm or Climax?

Sex is one of the basic pleasures of life, but theĀ orgasm is anything but simple. To understand an orgasm, you should also know that the vaginal canal is lined with the soft tissue of the mucous membrane covering layers of stretchy muscle. This canal leads to the cervix, a narrow passageway that sits in front …

Living with vaginismus
Sexual Health

Living with Vaginismus

Wouldn’t you agree with me that a vagina is a magical place? Plus, it is one of the cleanest places on a woman’s body, And, we think we really know about it but what do we really know? and are we even aware of some of its complications? Caribbean men like to say they want …

8 Reasons Why Orgies Are Awesome

8 Reasons Why Orgies Are Awesome

In the early 1900’s the thought of saying “fuck” instead of “sex” was a no-no. As time progressed, who really gave a fuck about how you referred to sexual intercourse? What was even more “un-natural” was the introduction of 3-ways which quickly turned into 4 ways, 6 ways and bam! Here comes orgy parties. Lovely….right!? …