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Living with vaginismus
Sexual Health

Living with Vaginismus

Wouldn’t you agree with me that a vagina is a magical place? Plus, it is one of the cleanest places on a woman’s body, And, we think we really know about it but what do we really know? and are we even aware of some of its complications? Caribbean men like to say they want …

Reasons to have sex in public

11 Great Public Places To Have Sex

Sex on the kitchen table and on top of the washing machine on the spin cycle is awesome! A living room sofa or over the edge of the bathroom sink. But our houses and apartments are limited in their options for places to have sex, right? And when we’ve run out of surfaces to fuck …

Locate her G-spot
G-Spot Intimacy

Think on it. Have you located her G-Spot?

Take a second and reminisce, have you ever located her G-Spot?

The Oxford Dictionary describes the “G-Spot” as a sensitive area of the anterior wall of the vagina believed by some to be highly erogenous and capable of ejaculation.

I say the “G-Spot” affectionately called the “love zone” is that section of the vagina that makes it impossible to do anything else but cum.

Why fancy it up, “the anterior wall of the vagina”…psssh. I want an orgasm and I want it now! but Have you located her G-Spot? (more…)