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Boob Sex
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8 Hot Boob Sex Positions

Your boobs deserve love too. That type of orgasm may be just what you need to push you over the edge–sometimes. Because we can both agree on one thing: Our boobs are amazing. Ultimately, most people just really freaking love boobs. Big, small, teeny-tiny—no matter what they look like, boobs are crowd-pleasers. Some partners love …

Pierced Nipples

These Nipples Need Love Too

The breasts are some of the nicest parts of a body, namely the female body. So much thought and care are placed into their maintenance because it is preferred if they stay sexy, healthy, and tasty. But as we evolve in sexual nature with our taboo preferences, we have found ways to improve on the …


6 Subtle Ways To Initiate Sex

There are so many practices we can indulge in to improve every area of our sex life. I talk about so many areas to improve on, to try out, or even to consider. The thing is, I think it is time we stop, take a minute, and go back to some basics. I am sure …

15 Foreplay Tips To Try On Your Man

15 Foreplay Tips To Try On Your Man

Adam was a man right? Plus everyone loves sex, also right? There’s no denying that. But hooking up with an old or new partner can be, well, overwhelming sometimes. There are just so many parts of one’s body to explore in the minutes you’re trying to get and/or give an orgasm. As a woman, you …