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What he said: Tajay
What He Said

What He Said: Tajay

What he said? Tajay Crimson was the type of guy that everybody liked at first sight. He was tall, handsome, charismatic, and because he was grown by his lovely grandmother, he was extremely polite. These simple traits not only made him a person of good character but a guy that women easily fell for and …

Jahleel Saunders
What He Said

What He Said: Jahleel

The Saunders were really great people. It’s been a long time: Jheanel Saunders Jheanel and I have been friends, for all my 32 years that I have been on this earth. We were born 2 days apart and it has always been me and her against the world. Attended the same pre-school, prep school, high …

penis ring is like chocolate sprinkles

Is Your Man Ready For A Penis Ring?

Penis rings or cock rings are what I like to refer to as the chocolate sprinkles of sex. Sure, decadent vanilla soft serve tastes fine as is, but would you really turn down chocolate sprinkles if given the option to maximize your taste buds? I didn’t think so So just like vibrators, flavored lubes, nipple clamps, and massage oils help …

Cheeky Leon
What He Said

What He Said: Leon

What He Said? I really love my job and the reason for this was because my boss is very understanding and he takes the initiative to train and educate his staff so we are able to meet the goals of the company. He is also very big on employee satisfaction and even though he works …

What He Said: Orlando
What He Said

What He Said: Orlando

What He Said? As a woman getting up in age, I was concerned about my heart’s desires. I often questioned myself, “Would they ever be fulfilled?” I wanted to create a family, turn a house into a home and continue to be a proud black woman fulfilling God’s plan, Be fruitful and multiply. But based …