Pierced Nipples

The breasts are some of the nicest parts of a body, namely the female body.

So much thought and care are placed into their maintenance because it is preferred if they stay sexy, healthy, and tasty.

But as we evolve in sexual nature with our taboo preferences, we have found ways to improve on the beauty of these melons 4 Positions To Try During Melon Ball and decided to add our own little personal touch to the mix.

At first, only women did it because it increased arousal during foreplay.

Now even men are doing it not only for the increased arousal but as a fashion statement to their personality and individual tastes.

You know where I am going with this right? Yup–those sexy nipple piercings.

Nipple piercings aren’t as common as some other piercings, but they exist and are very sexy.

You will enjoy the way it feels when you look down or in the mirror.

And your man might like it too, perhaps giving more attention to your breasts and nipples.

If you get super turned on, really enjoy, or can even orgasm from nipple stimulation, this piercing is right up your alley. 9 Things Your Partner Can Do To Your Breast During Sex

And just like with men, the breasts/nipples are erogenous zones for many women.

It is another reason for enjoyment and makes us feel more powerful and in control of our bodies.

Now, your nipples won’t be permanently erect from piercing, they might be more pronounced but nipple piercing might be an option to pull out an inverted nipple.

A plus is also that, jewelry typically shows through t-shirts and tight tops, which gives a hint of what’s below.

Nipple Piercing and Sex

There is a greater sensation when you get your nipples pierced.

This also makes it a great solution for women who have reduced nipple sensation from breastfeeding or even if your nipples have never been very sensitive.

The stimulation of the nipple activates an area of the brain known as the genital sensory cortex.

This is the same brain region activated by stimulation of the clitoris, vagina, and cervix.

The beauty of the nipple piercing during sex compared to an unpierced nipple is that un-pierced nipples only have accessible nerve endings on the outside of the nipple, but a pierced nipple has nerve endings on the inside of the piercing that is stimulated by the ring.

What is even more interesting is that, besides evoking a physical reaction, nipple piercings provides you with a sense of confidence and sexual prowess that altogether enhances your sexual experience.

Sexual Vision

Imagine with me a moment.

Your nipples pierced and then you have your partner flick their tongue and nibble on them.

Or, think of laying a vibrator against the ring or carefully connecting them with a light chain.

Some people like their piercings pulled and twisted during rough sex. It is orgasmic.

And while nipple piercings aren’t rare, there’s still that element of novelty and being taboo, which you might find thrilling during sex.

Regardless, it’s important to have realistic expectations for your piercing.

 3 Things You Can Try Before Deciding To Pierce Your Nipples

  1. You can get non-piercing nipple jewelry.
    Just like you have clip-on earrings to see how it would look, get some clip-on nipple rings.
    There are spirals that fit around your nipple and can help to keep them erect.
  2. Nipple Clamps
    Nipple clamps are sex toys that are great if you like being a masochist.
    There are several types that you can choose from to clip on your nipples.
    Some of them have adornments or even allows you to attach weights and chains for even more fun.
  3. Pasty
    These stick to your breasts and may have sparkles or tassels for decoration.
    There are no holes, pain, or blood involved, and they peel off cleanly!

Male Nipples pierced


The nipples overall are a very sensitive area.

Pierced nipples don’t get less sensitive the more you play with them.

Don’t be afraid to bring the play right back down to just the gentlest of breaths, or the lightest touch.

Just remember that nipple sensitivity is not something you can push.

Nipple play goes across the board – male, female, trans, gay, straight – and we can all enjoy some titty-lation if the sensitivity is there.

To help you explore other areas you could pierce to increase your sexual arousal, take a look at Your Clitoris: 6 Reasons Why You Should Pierce It


Nipple piercing