Locate her G-spot

Take a second and reminisce, have you ever located her G-Spot?

The Oxford Dictionary describes the “G-Spot” as a sensitive area of the anterior wall of the vagina believed by some to be highly erogenous and capable of ejaculation.

I say the “G-Spot” affectionately called the “love zone” is that section of the vagina that makes it impossible to do anything else but cum.

Why fancy it up, “the anterior wall of the vagina”…psssh. I want an orgasm and I want it now! but Have you located her G-Spot?

Have you located her G-spot

The Disadvantages

  1. some men, if not the majority,do not take the time out to know the body they devour.
  2. they are not aware that just like the body the vagina is chemistry and the outside is just as important as the inside.

The Experience 

  1. the body and the vagina both intertwine to provide a mind-blowing experience
  2. you have to know how to find the “g-spot”.

Just like the atoms in a bomb, so it’s waiting to explode with the right detonation codes whether that may be the combination of fingers and tongue, fingers and dick or no combo as we know some pretty pink heads bend a corner in the vagina that when they hit a dead end its like…

”Whoa! Wtf did you do to me! oooohhhh…Don’t move!..right there!” Sort of feeling and we say hhhmmm…as Halleujah chorus’ sings through our warm center….nicely!

Find my G-Spot please!

  1. take the time out to flick my clit and tenderize that ball that rolls on my inside even turning my eyes white in my head.
  2. gently curve that tongue in the space that provides you protein.
  3. let your handy workflow run in and out like a jack-hammer.

That thick, white juice down her thighs? We wonder…sometimes ponder….why should we then, do for you what you can’t do for us…..huh?…well…I guess that’s where Joe comes in huh…haha!

Have you located her G-Spot?


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Have you located her g-spot