6 Reasons To Chose Uncorked West

What to eat in Montego Bay, St. James Jamaica?

Montego Bay is rich in culture from its craft exhibitors to its warm and friendly people down to the entertainment packages and booming nightlife. But what we love about the 2nd city is the variety of food, which brings us to Uncorked West.

I am a foodie and I love to try new places but besides the food, I love a restaurant that can also give a tremendous ambiance. Uncorked West is one of those hideaway restaurants that give you more than you expect.

What is Uncorked West?

It’s a wine and cheese bistro located at the Fairview Shopping Centre in Montego Bay, St. James. Jamaica. However, if you dig a little deeper you will find that this bistro offers more than just a variety of tasty cheeses.

Uncorked West

As human beings, we are always looking for some sort of unspoken validation to try new adventures, new dining, and new people. In other words, I am here to give you just what you think you need…

6 Reasons To Choose This Vineyard

  1. They provide dine-in and take out service.
  2. They cater to any type of eater i.e. vegan, vegetarian, meat lover, dieters, etc.
  3. Clean and safe environment.
  4. Friendly and efficient customer service.
  5. Wide variety of food, cheese, and wines and
  6. Affordable pricing.

Still, need some convincing? I recently visited the Vineyard, so let me give you a visual of how happy I made my tummy feel when indulged in their food pleasure.

Uncorked West
Bacon and Blue Cheese Salad topped with fresh pears and caramelized walnuts served with Avocado dressing.


Uncorked West
Chipotle Shrimp Flatbread.

 Food Menu:

Besides the delectable variety of cheese from all over the globe, Uncorked West in addition, boasts a very whimsical menu that is definitely more than one could imagine. 
Uncorked West

Uncorked West

Uncorked West

Wine List

To view their entire wine list just click: Uncorked_WineList-Varietal_Jan2018

However, let me give you a taste of your options, here are a few of the varieties of wines that they are offering;

Environment & Ambiance at Uncorked West

Uncorked West has the look and feel of a vineyard but the aroma of the different wines coupled with the tantalizing smells from the kitchen captivates you as you enter through their doors and take a seat. The bellows of the soft and playful music vibrate through the air creating a consistent calm and a wonderful atmosphere to unwind, relax and sip some wine.

As a result, your experiences there will always be a little bit nicer than the last, after all….we cant drink all the wine in one day…

Locations & Contact

This vineyard has two homes which make them available to not just us here in the West but those on the East.

Shop 2, 29 Barbican Road Kingston 6 -Telephone number: 876-632-5500/876-970-3406
Fairview Centre, Montego Bay, St. James- Telephone number: 876-622-2878/876-622-2804

Final Review of Uncorked West

Uncorked West is the best place for:

  1. a quiet romantic dinner
  2. birthday/anniversary celebrations
  3. girls/boys night
  4. a new adventure to surprise your taste-buds and
  5. perfect for small meetings

As a result, this little indoor vineyard is one that will become my regular spot because I am confident that no matter what I will never be disappointed as they will never run out of wine.

When you feel for a little Italy, or feeling a little homesick just stop by Uncorked West.

You may also visit their site to keep up with their happenings especially their Wine 101 sessions: http://uncorkedjamaica.com/index.html


6 Reasons To Chose Uncorked West