Sexy Alejandro

What He Said?

I saw Alejandro staring at me from across the room.

Its been years, and he still looks good.

Sexy lips, a body that screams sex. The eyes were still filled with life and humor.

I never knew that just looking into his eyes would rekindle that good old feeling.

You know what I am talking about, that feeling that sends a spark through the brain, down the spine and all through the body.

Any feelings of hunger, depression, fatigue was replaced by that special feeling.


Alejandro and I first met at a friend’s house.

Sex first, then we got to know each other.

He was younger, moved in all circles, from Ironshore to Canterbury, a regular patron of the popular clubs, a dancehall personality, I was the working girl, a regular 9-5er, so the checks were coming in and the bills got paid.

He didn’t work, traveled frequently, drove a nice car, several cell phones, and always had money, lots of it.

I didn’t ask, he didn’t tell. I didn’t want to think about it because that wasn’t my business.

My friends told me not to worry.

We partied hard, fucked harder.

We did the family visits, and his mother liked me, however, his father, who was living with his second wife, was the older, much sexier version of him.

His father liked me, a lot, I suppose like how he would like wife # 3.



The Next Level

My man and I eventually moved in with each other.

It was then that I made the decision not to crowd him, to give him some space, after all, we were living as “man & wife” so little space wouldn’t hurt.

I started going out with my friends and he partied with his, and we liked that arrangement.

After all, we shared the same bed at night when he was on the island.

It was fun to be featured online in photos and in videos at parties, looking glam & fab. I felt good, a member of the in-crowd.

Some of his friends also attended those parties. I never “cheated” with them though but the flirting made me feel sky high.

I have really never cheated with anyone.

The unwritten rule was that being “the wife” of a dancehall personality, it was my duty to look good, be seen, and be home before him. Compromises they called it. I complied.

The lifestyle of the working girl and the party animal.

And yep, he said I was “the wife,” but I soon realized that being the wife and playing the wife ain’t the same thing.


I met him when he had many women and he chose me to settle down with. I was the one. Me.

He gave me money and I was the one whose name was placed on the bank accounts (the accounts I knew of at least).

The other women were still there, I suppose. They didn’t come to the apartment, I trusted him that way.

They didn’t disrespect, but they were there. I thought I could live with it.

Even though we didn’t party together together, I got updates on his nightlife online.

He looked happy, very happy, too happy. As a girl’s man, he was always in the company of other women.

But compromises, so, no problem.

Then the other women became one particular woman.

Always together, always laughing and dancing, always taking pictures with him and his friends.

I asked him about her and he said he was thinking of bringing her in as the  2nd wife.

I was not ready

You would think this was something that would require a discussion before he made his decision but who was I to think that I was that important.

At least those were my thoughts the next day as I was on my way home from work.

Upon approaching the apartment door, I heard moaning in a way I had never heard him moan before and I knew my “wife” position was being threatened.

I opened the door and what greeted me was my man fully naked in the sofa, his hand gripped tightly into a brunette laced wig, and slurping sounds of what sounded like a blowjob I had never given him before by a woman that was so sexy, the view from the back was exquisite.

“Alejandro! what the fuck is happening here?”

The only response I got was the same deep sensual moans I heard before I entered.


Mixed emotions filled my stomach because I was angry he brought her to the apartment but I was also aroused by the way they both moaned, and how he grabbed the back of her neck after he pulled the wig off.

I started to slowly walk over to them and as I moved closer I saw when he opened his eyes and looked at me and I  knew exactly what he was trying to say.

I decided at that moment that if I couldn’t beat her let me join and that is what I did.

By the time I reached the sofa, I was standing beside her as I took my heels off and rolled my white lace panties to my ankles.

As I was rolling up to complete the undressing, he pulled her lips off his wet, hard cock and pushed her head between my legs.

As she landed in the center of my wet pussy I felt her tongue immediately find my clit and she started to suck.

What He Said

She had small thick lips and a long tongue so her mouth fit perfectly in my pussy.

It was like nothing I had felt before, not even from Alejandro.

As she continued to lick and suck my pussy, he used his hand to brace my back as she was making me weak in the knees. 10 Steps To Improving Your Eating Game

On top of that, Alejandro started to suck on my hard nipples, nibbling them just at the right times as he alternated between them.

I could now fully understand the context of the moan I had heard early, my new sister wife’s mouth was a sexual haven.

“Fucking hell! I’m about to cum all over those sexy lips!” I said, as I grabbed the back of her head and force her lips tighter in my pussy so she could drink it all up. 9 Treats To Enhance Your Treat

“Drink this pussy juice you fucking cunt!” I then exploded all over her lips and face and I knew that orgasm was worth my anger.

As she was linking me dry and Alejandro was preparing his cock for us to fuck, he looked up at me and what he said was “Kimberly meet Gabrielle, she is a pregnant”

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