What he said: Ashton

What He Said??

Graduating High School was exciting but I was even more excited to start Community College.

I could finally get the opportunity to see some men, yes, and learn. lol

I remembered how, for the last five years, at every corner I looked I saw women.

But, on top of the eye candy, I was also looking forward to

Accepting the opportunity to show my curves and show off my creativity in terms of hair and makeup.

Oh, Happy Day.

Orientation Day

The summer had ended and I was preparing for orientation at my new school.

I didn’t know what to expect and this made me anxious,

But risk is the spice of life so I was ready to risk it all.

As my parents and I pulled into the parking lot of the Community College,

I started to recognize some familiar faces and my anxiety started to decrease to the leveled stage.

At least I was not alone in this huge campus and in the case of a “NEED” I had people I could hang with.

But I wasn’t there to hang, I was there to learn, meet new people, create new experiences, and have the time of my life.

As we assembled into this large open space they called an auditorium,

You could see hundreds of kids and their parents and as I looked around my side-eye caught an extremely handsome face.

He was tall, medium built, and because he was in a suit I knew he was either a parent or a lecturer, either way, he appealed to my eyes and my clit.

Weird right? I should be focusing on my future and being the best Business student I could be.

Instead, I was crushing on this young man from all angles.

The orientation had a mandatory tour of the campus grounds, and so we were placed in groups based on our Surnames.

Eye On The Prize

As my group was walking on the science corridor, I spotted Mr. Handsome with his group (Praise Jesus he was not a parent! lol) and realized they were about to take a break.

In my head I was like, “Ok Akalia, let’s see if he will be lecturing you this year” but what I was really thinking at the back of my head was “I wonder how old he is and was I his type”

Why I was thinking either of those things, was beyond me because I was to be focused on school.

I saw him walk in the opposite direction of the students and made his way to a room with a solid wooden door.

A door that was very different from all the other rooms we visited on the tour.

Maybe it was the teacher’s lounge or maybe his personal office, whatever it was, there was only one way to find out.

The Accidental Meet

As I stealthy moved away from my group and surprisingly ended up at the wooden door.

I opened and closed it behind me like I knew it was a place I should be, and as I turned around and realized it was his office I said “Oops! I am so sorry, I thought this was the bathroom!”

He said, “That’s ok, I’m Mr. Ashton Thompson and you are?” I replied “Hello Mr. Thompson, I am Akalia Merritt and I apologize for the intrusion, goodbye”

On my way out I “accidentally” hit my foot on the door and fell.

“Miss Merritt, are you ok?” I replied ” Clumsy me, but yes thank you Mr. Thompson” as he helped me up and I fixed my skirt.

To my surprise, he then said “I knew you looked familiar”

At this point, I knew it could never be something I wanted to hear because when people started sentences like that with me, it usually kills the whole mood.

“You are the girl I saw this morning with that one cute dimple when she smiled”

And at that moment I knew God was saying, shoot your shot Akalia, shoot your shot!

What He Said

I smiled and gave him an up-close view of the dimple and replied “So you have been noticing me?”

As I made my way around his desk,

He became nervous and started to fidget as if the closer I came the more uncomfortable he got.

Did I care? I gave zero fucks.

“Miss Merritt, you are aware that I am a lecturer here and you are new and a student?”

I continued to move closer

“Miss Merritt, this is inappropriate behavior and I need you to leave my office”

At this point, I was close enough and as I started to rub my hand on his crotch, I felt his dick growing

And I said, “He doesn’t think it’s inappropriate behavior, so let’s make a deal.”

“I am going to take him out, lift my skirt up, slide my wet, juicy pussy onto him, and sit down. All you need to do is place your hands on the desk and enjoy the ride. Do we have a deal?”

“Miss Merritt!”

“Do we have a deal!”

“Do I have a choice?”

By this time I am already sitting on that stiff cock, and it felt like it belonged in my pussy because the more I rode the wetter I got.

My pussy loved his cock and I knew it was the beginning of a great sexual relationship.

As I slid off because I could feel he was about to cum, I positioned my mouth over his dick and swallowed every last drop.

I looked up at his face and what he said;

“Miss Merritt, orientation should end in 25mins, I think you need to find your group”

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