What He Said: Giovani

What He Said?

He was someone I knew basically all my life.

Deciding to take our friendship to the next level was something I never thought about,

But I was willing to give it a try.

After all, people always said that your partner should be your best friend,

And being friends first before entering into a relationship is an important recipe for it lasting.

We gave it a shot and boy was I in for a rude awakening.

In the Beginning

The relationship started off as good as it could.

I mean the only thing that really changed, was that we started to live and behave as a couple rather than good friends,

There was a higher level of exclusivity when it came to the opposite sex

And our availability to others was more limited and structured.

It wasn’t much of a transition also, where morals and values were concerned,

Because we already knew where we both stood on a lot of issues.

However, topics such as Religion, Politics & Sex was always a heated debate, that usually ended well. Sometimes

The religion and politics didn’t matter as much to me as the sex because we were at different levels in our

The sexual potential which meant I had my work cut out for me.

Giovani was in my definition, a square. Very vanilla.

He enjoyed and was ok with the regular positions for sexual intercourse,

He believed that sex should be silent and foreplay for him was a room full of rose petals and scented candles.

When we were just friends, we always discussed our sexual encounters

And we would argue over what each thought should or should not have happened

But I thought he would at least use those conversations to step up his game.

Boy did I assume wrong, and my vagina and I paid the price.

My Alone Time

I really wanted to make a solid effort in this relationship and a very tiny part of me thought, ending a relationship after just a few weeks because my partner was too vanilla, is shallow. right?

I was trying to do the right thing, or so I thought.

Giovanni was Corporal in the Army, which meant half the time he was always away at work and I understood why.

But I never really appreciated his absence until now.

One of the best times in this relationship was when he was away at work because I could then bring my toys out to play.

I could apologize to vagina for the lack of orgasms that she had been experiencing.

This current absence, however, was longer than usual and even though I was planning to add some chocolate to his vanilla making sex,

I took the time out to pay my respects to my clitoris that had been crying out for help.

Orgasmic Pleasure

Just 2 days before he returned home, I was just getting up from a nap and as usual,

I woke up to rock hard nipples, a tingling wet pussy, and horniness running through my veins.

All this came as a surprise because I was getting up from a nap after masturbating 4 times.

However, Giovani was already starving my pussy so I had no intention of joining him on that journey so

I stretched for my wand.

She was one of my favourite toys, which is why it was why I named her, Brianna.

Brianna was bright pink in colour and had the ability to provide double stimulation.

She has a long oval centre that sports a round hard head with a spongy coating plus a medium-size rabbit attached on top, that had a split at the end where my clit could sit comfortably.

The bonus, Brianna vibrates up to 12 speeds.

She was ready for me, so I slowly opened my legs as wide as I could, turned her to 8th speed, then gently slid her into my wet, juicy pussy.

As I positioned her nicely into my hole I ensured that the rabbit ears were laid flat on either side of my clit so my double stimulation could be in full effect.

As Brianna went to work I laid my head back, closed my eyes and started to imagine Giovani perched on my chest feeding me his hard cock, and as he fucked my mouth the head of his penis played with my tonsils.

The more I thought about those strokes, the more I felt the increase of the momentum to explode.

So I went to 12th speed because I couldn’t wait any longer.

It wasn’t there for even 5 mins before I was swimming in my juices, did I mind nope!

I tasted really good too.

On His Return

I had planned to start shaking things up with Giovani when he returned.

My mind, body and vagina suffered long enough.

He always delivered the strokes but not the happy endings, so today was the beginning of change.

I arranged the things “he thought” foreplay entailed.

Dressed in one of the sexy lingerie’s he’d bought me, I dimmed the lights,

I made the nice bubble bath, and I lit his favourite scented candles. Scented Candles

Little did he know, that I hid my box of goodies beside the night table.

As he walked through the door he would have realized, exactly what was about to happen and so said so done.

He came in, looked at me and smiled, headed straight to the bath and the met me in the bed.

What He Said

“Baby, I am happy you are home, I am going to remind you why home is where your dick belongs”

I positioned him to lay down and as he did, I stealthily removed a butt plug from my box of goodies and hid it in between my breasts.

As I slid between his legs, I said

“Tonight we’re going to do things a little differently” and by the time I finished my sentence I had placed his ass on a pillow.

I started to tease his inner thighs with my tongue and as I made my way to his shaft I simultaneously started to massage his balls and I felt him shiver.

“Relax baby, I got you,” I said to calm him.

As I sloppily sucked on his hard dick, all that wetness rang down his shaft so I made sure to direct it to flow over his balls and run down to his ass.

It was an enjoyable experience because the harder I sucked the tighter he grabbed my hair and I knew I had him right where I wanted.

I slid the plug from between my breasts and as I deep throated his cock, I had one hand on his balls,

I used my free hand to slide the butt plug in his ass and turned the vibration to 2.

Whats He said, or rather immediately sung on repeat was “Blessed be the name of Lord!”

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