Jahleel Saunders

The Saunders were really great people.

It’s been a long time: Jheanel Saunders

Jheanel and I have been friends, for all my 32 years that I have been on this earth.

We were born 2 days apart and it has always been me and her against the world.

Attended the same pre-school, prep school, high school, college, and university.

Graduating with a 1st class honors in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing.

You can definitely say, we are 2 peas in a pod, and I loved and cherished her dearly but there were just somethings I couldn’t tell her.

There were feelings I knew I shouldn’t have but I did.

Feelings and desires I had buried or rather,  swept under the rug because they weren’t 6 ft under for sure.

The way I felt was like no other.

Every time my eyes gazed and theirs made contact with mine, I felt a tingling feeling run through my back and through my stomach,

I often wondered if that was what people meant by “butterflies in your stomach”

Usually, when I reached home from school, I would just sit on my verandah awaiting that split moment as they passed.

Plus, I loved to smell them on my clothes after long hugs, and the sound of their voice lingered in my head when I tried to fall asleep at


I often tried to find subtle ways to give hints but I knew they would never work because of the numerous obvious obstacles

that have stood in our way including Jheanel, after all, it was her father.


Daddy Issues

Mr. Jahleel Saunders was Jheanel’s father and my God-father.

He was a very tall and medium built caramel man with a killer smile and some of the whitest teeth I have ever seen.

Married to his wife for 20 years, he was very protective of us especially when it came to us and friends, taking our girls’ trips and men.

Little did he know that all those pep talks about do’s and don’ts that he gave us, was preparing me to give him the ride of his life.

At least in my mind anyway, because riding that dick is a one-way ticket to the grave or a very embarrassing life-changing situation.

Either way, I didn’t have the courage to find out and what my Grandma always said was “Little girl! learn to stay in your lane!”

I never tried to defy my grandma, but Mr. Saunders was responsible for all my masturbating sessions and I loved it.

Weekends with the Saunders

As the years went by we had developed family traditions because our parents were also best friends since their school days.

One such family tradition is our weekend ritual with the Saunders.

On alternate weekends, each family would plan the activities for that weekend and we would merge the families and have fun all

weekend long.

It was something Jheanel and I looked forward to because we got more alone time to do our own thing without interruptions from our

parents and/or siblings.

Little did she know that it was my opportunity to “steal” her daddy’s shirts and smell them as I masturbated while she slept.

Weekend Shenanigans

Dinner was exceptionally good as BBQ Ribs was present, and I mean how can anyone mess that up.

As we got ready in our respective teams and prepared to play charades, I headed into the kitchen for a piece more of Mrs. Saunders’

apple pie.

As I entered the kitchen I could smell that Mr. Saunders was either near or just exited and so I slowed my walking down a bit

just to savor that smell of manliness mixed with a hint of lavender and coconut. My gosh, his scent made me wet in all the right places!

As I began to cut a slice of the pie I heard some light footsteps approaching and I knew exactly who it was as the scent I loved almost

knocked me out and soaked my panties.

He asked me to cut him a slice and as he waited he made small talk, asking how I had been, how old I was now, and he

even complimented me on my outfit.

One in which he saw me in, numerous times and said nothing before now.

I answered accordingly and as I showed my appreciation for the compliment I handed him his slice of the pie and our hands touched in a

a way where it was almost static.

He held on to the plate and my hand tightly as if he didn’t want to let go and I looked up with apologetic eyes but when our eyes

connected I realize that he was doing it on purpose and I started to like it.

What did it mean? I had no idea! Did it even mean anything? I had no idea!

But it lasted a whole minute and he just smiled and slowly walked away.

What is Happening?

All night that one minute was on my mind, even had me unfocused during our game.

I went to bed with that moment on my mind and I woke up with it still lingering.

Could what I want to experience really be a possibility? Because I was ready to be his secret lover.

As we got ready for a Saturday by the pool with some backyard BBQ and my Mom’s famous rum punch, I headed to the laundry room to

grab a towel.

As I was deciding on the color and thickness of the towel I wanted, here came Mr. Saunders, shirtless in his tiny pool shorts and ray bans.

I shifted to one side so he could come in properly to get what he needed and as he came in, he pulled up the door behind him.

Laundry at the Saunders

I was putting the towels I wanted together to head out when he said “Kaylianna, I like your swimsuit”

In a shakey surprised voice, I replied “Thank you Mr. Saunders, Jheanel has it in pink”

I don’t know why the fuck I said that, maybe it was because I was trying to slow down the beat of my clit as his deep voice echoed off my

skin or maybe it was because I was being the respectful young lady I should be.

“I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable last night”

“No you didn’t Mr. Saunders” I replied, a little calmer now than before.

“Can you keep a secret Kay?”

“Yes Mr. Saunders”

“I did it on purpose”

At that moment, I shyly turned away my head and whispered under my breath, “I wish you had touched me somewhere else”

But I guess I didn’t whisper softly enough because all I felt was his strong hands grabbing and gripping me and placing me on top of the

washing machine.

“Do I make you uncomfortable?”

“No Mr. Saunders”

He then spread my legs and stood in between them and said “How about now?” I felt the pre-cum from my pussy run out a little more as

I replied “No Mr. Saunders”

Then he used his fingers and pulled away the crutch of my swimsuit, stared me dead in the eyes, and repeated “How about now?”

I was blank!


What He Said

That speechless moment was all he really needed because all I could do after was feel.

I felt the way his tongue slowly met the lips of my wet pussy as he parted them to get to my hard clit.

How he gently rolled his tongue on my clit, intermittently nibbling and spitting on it to make it even wetter.

How used three fingers to fuck me then licked my cream clean and fed me.

When he hit the right spots and I started to moan he used his free hands and stuck his fingers in my mouth and I sucked on them instead

of moaning.

He was eating this pussy just the way he told us we should be eaten by our little boyfriends.

This was more than I could have hoped for and I geared up to cum all over his handsome caramel face and as I started to bite down on

those fingers he heroically lodged in my mouth he knew what was about to happen.

I tilted my head back, spread my legs even wider, and exploded all over his face.

My body felt the type of release that it craved for and my mind checked one fantasy off the list.

He got up from his knees and wiped his face.

Took me down off the washing machine then what he said was

“I suggest you take the brown towels because they are the thickest”


Intimacy Coach