What He Said: Matthew

What He Said?

History Lesson

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 5 years,

And it has been a good time given the necessary things required to make a relationship work.

At least that’s how I looked at

Because we were working towards a long term commitment.

So whatever it took to make it work I was willing to do, until my mind and my body decide to no longer be in full agreement.


Vanilla Jack

Jack Bennett wasn’t the type of man I usually go for, sexually.

When we met he was more vanilla than vanilla itself.

He only did one position, missionary, he had never received or provided oral sex, he had never even fingered a vagina.

I was excited because I could mold him into the sex beast that I craved and I did just that, well up to a point.

I remembered when I had surprised him with a threesome for our 2nd year anniversary.

The girl fucked me thrice before he got the courage to join in and when he did he kept asking “Is this ok?” After he did each sexual act.

So you know there were a few very frustrating threesomes before he got the hang of it.

But even though he learned, he just couldn’t get certain things right.

He just didn’t eat my pussy good enough so I could explode all over his face.

It’s either he was too harsh, too soft, or not aware of how to successfully alternate between sucking and licking.

He refused to use toys to assist him and would never fuck my ass even if I put a condom on his finger.

I was so mad at him for not being able to orally please me that I took it to the Lord in prayer for 18 weeks straight but my prayers were not answered at least not in a way I’d expect.

Let Me Introduce You

I was so frustrated, to the point where I had to ask his brother if this was a genetic disorder,

Because I just couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get it right and I was tired of faking orgasms.

Matthew was a complete opposite of Jack in every single way except for ambition, stability, and intelligence.

He was the “go with the flow” kind of guy, very carefree and he Iived his life like he was going to be young forever.

Because of his infectious personality, he was great with our kids,

And very easy to talk to when it came to mocking Jack lol and so I looked forward to his weekend visits and random pop-ups.


Weekend Shenanigans

It was a regular weekend, Jack was in the home office working,

Siana (the helper) was doing her duties, the kids were in the yard with Uncle Matthew playing,

And I was in my jacuzzi tub listening to the smooth grooves of Beres Hammond trying to finish a whole bottle of Moscato all by myself.

It was a good day.

As I emerged from my tub with the foam of bubbles dripping from my body,

I realized that not only was my skin wrinkled from being soaked too long but my nipples were hard and pronounced and I knew it was time for my wand to create some magic.

I stepped into the bedroom, flung my wet body onto my thick cotton sheets, stretched over to my night table, and retrieve Kiki (my wand) who was always ready to provide me with what Jack couldn’t.


I laid on my back, spread my legs, used my pointer and index fingers on my left hand to spread the lips of my pussy then gently placed Kiki on my hard, wet, juicy clit.

With ever purr she made I got closer and closer to my overdue orgasmic explosion.

I then started to stealthy positioned my ass on my sex pillow when my room door opened and I heard

“Jennifer! Where can I find Julianna’s sketch pad?”

I was so shocked, I jumped up, screamed, and said “Shut the fucking door!”

The voice from the other side of the door said:

“I am extremely sorry Jen, Jack told me to come and ask you forĀ  Julianna’s sketch pad and I knocked before entering, I am so sorry!” Matthew’s voice bellowed.

I drew for my towel, wrapped myself up, and embarrassingly said:

“That’s ok Matthew, you may come in” I replied.

As he entered, I pointed to where the sketch pad was and he made his way to retrieve it.

All I was thinking about is how badly I wanted him to get out so I could finish.


What He Said

As he was exiting the room he stopped, turned to me, and said:

“I know it may be out of line but you have a really pretty vagina.”

I should have had a witty comeback, portrayed my disgust in such a statement but all I did was smile.

At that moment It felt like our minds synced beautifully in extacy because

The next thing I felt, was his strong hands grabbing me by the hips and pulling me to the edge of the bed.

He then sat at on the floor at the side of my bed with his back facing me

And I knew I was to put my wet pussy in his face.

I positioned nicely on that tongue and as my hips thrust back and forth riding his face,

He used his hands to squeeze and pinch on my nipples.

The harder I twirled this pussy on his lips the more he moaned, the harder he squeezed my nipples,

And the quicker I wanted to explode.

I was just about to cum and he could feel it because he released my nipples from his grip, grab my hips, and started to allow my pussy to suffocate him.

“I’m coming!” I shouted and before I could finish he stuck his finger in my ass.

That touched a nerve that just made me ride his face harder and faster and as he finger fucked my ass I exploded all over his face within seconds.

It was like nothing I’ve felt before. I was orgasmically satisfied.

He got up from under my pussy and what he said was:

“Now you finally have a Bennett that can please you, you’re welcome!”

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