What He Said: Orlando

What He Said?

As a woman getting up in age, I was concerned about my heart’s desires.

I often questioned myself, “Would they ever be fulfilled?”

I wanted to create a family, turn a house into a home and continue to be a proud black woman fulfilling God’s plan,

Be fruitful and multiply.

But based on my last relationship, I wasn’t so eager to enter into another and so I was torn between what I needed and what I wanted.

Back Story

My last relationship had me fooled.

I thought he was the one for me and all the signs, or what I classified as signs, I used them to justify our compatibility.

How we met was by chance, his level of honesty, his need to always want to be in my company, the way he was open-minded and

wanted to please me in every way.

He decided that after a month of dating that I should be in full financial control of our relationship and so I should have full

access to his bank cards and accounts. I mean, what Jamaican man just gives you full access like that?

We started to build a life together and so after 6 months,

we moved in together, opened joint bank accounts, opened joint investment accounts.

I met his kids, and we even started to make plans to purchase a home.

I thought I was on the right track to my heart’s desires and then BOOM!

One day, as he was leaving work, he did his usual which was to call me to inform me that he was on his way home,

but he never made it home.

I never saw or heard from him up to two hours after we last spoke.

I called none stop and after hours of calling, his phone finally answered and his ex-girlfriend advised me to stop

calling him and that he no longer wanted me.

That was a very devastating moment in my life not only because I couldn’t understand how he reached back to her

but also because I was with child.

A child that never had the opportunity to see the world for what it is.

Moved On

If a man who gave me no reason but to trust him, could do that to me,

Why then should I put myself out there again? (Were my ever lingering thoughts)

And as I tried to heal from that trauma and in healing,

I formulated new friendships and one of those friendships became a place where I felt

safe enough to be real and she, in turn, reciprocated the same energy.

Keshianna was literally God sent and through all my turmoil she was there every step of the way.

Even when she faced her own music she never once thought helping me through my ordeals was too much for her or that they needed to

be placed on pause because she was fighting her own battles.

One of the best things about her, was her need to always take my mind from the sad reality and escape into an imaginary universe

where we just didn’t give a fuck and we did what made us happy.

We escaped into that universe every Friday evening after work at Monty’s Bar & Grill.

Hello Handsome

Keshianna and I were having our usual Friday evening escape when a mutual friend called out to us.

Being the vixens we were, we went over to say hello and chat a bit.

Upon approaching him, we realized that he had some company with him and for some reason, his company looked delicious.

We got a proper introduction and at that moment I was glad I didn’t fuss to move from our table.

Orlando was very cute, about 6ft 7inches, slim in body, gorgeous smile, and bright brown eyes.

I liked them tall so that alone sold it for me.

We all hung out for the remainder of the evening and of course by the end of the night Orlando and I exchanged numbers.

The first trip

I didn’t really want a whole relationship but he made it hard to say no.

Orlando was very attentive, wanted to know everything about me, and how he could fit into my life.

He was very ambitious, articulate, and most of all he had a pleasing sense of humor.

Orlando appealed to me mentally which meant he could get anything on me to work,

so after dating for about 6 months, we decided to move in together.

It wasn’t what I was used to because he was a different type of man but I knew compromise was how a relationship really survived,

and compromise I did both willingly and unwillingly.

Life of Sex

I think what made it all worth it for me was our incredible sexual experiences.

It was sex 7 days a week and double on the weekend.

Out of all the relationships and sexcapades I had experienced, I never really had someone eat my pussy the way he did.

Never had someone make me cum as hard as he made me cum.

As he saw me, his lips were between my legs, I woke up to being eaten and placed to bed being eaten.

Orlando was always willing to try my fantasies where he met and exceeded my expectations.

He even loved it when my juices flowed all over his face because he got more aroused when I licked it from his lips as he fucked him.

Sex Life was on point.

You would think right!?

Sudden Urge

It was a regular day at work but for some reason, I just wanted to leave.

Something didn’t feel right or maybe I just wanted to be by my man because my boss decided to be a huge ass holeĀ  because she

didn’t get fucked the night before because her boyfriend had to go home early to his wife.

However, whatever had brought about this feeling was there for a reason,

and the need to leave got stronger and stronger so I left.

After all, it was Friday evening, my boss left at midday and I was just leaving an hour early.

I am sure there wouldn’t be any fires to put out on the property even if I stayed.

What He Said: Orlando

I made my way home which was just about 30 mins from where I worked.

As I made my way into the yard I got excited to see Orlando because he always knew how to make me feel better.

Plus he was always at home so coming in early would be a nice surprise.

I unlocked the grill and closed it behind me.

I then pushed my key into the front door and when I opened the door all I saw was two naked bodies.

My man sitting on the bed with a slim thick girl between his legs, trying to suck his dick.

I say trying because he was instructing her and directing the movement of her head.

He quickly grabbed her up off the floor and hurriedly pushed her into the bathroom and proceeded to make his way towards me.

By this time I already had my butterfly knife in my hand because I was about to slice them both.

As he moved closer and tried to calm me down, what he said was;

“Daniella! please stop! she is already embarrassed, please don’t embarrass her anymore or end her life!”

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