What he said: Tajay

What he said?

Tajay Crimson was the type of guy that everybody liked at first sight.

He was tall, handsome, charismatic, and because he was grown by his lovely grandmother, he was extremely polite.

These simple traits not only made him a person of good character but a guy that women easily fell for

and Jenecia Shaw fell prey to that breath-taking charisma.

Jenecia was a beautiful and successful young lady that recently jump-started her career at Sagicor as the Branch

Manager for one of the busiest branch locations that they had.

On a usual Friday evening, as she was getting ready to head out and start her weekend,

she was interrupted in her tracks with a situation that required her attention, a situation that involved

assisting Mr. Tajay Crimson.

She did her job well and by the time they were completed with business, numbers had been exchanged, and a meet

for drinks had been decided upon.

Since that first interaction, it has now been 1 year and 6 months since they have been together and it has been no

easy road.

Life in this “unholy” matrimony

Jenecia and Tajay had a great time getting to know each other and so they decided to start a relationship,

a relationship, Jenecia thought would not be easy but worth it.

Everything was basically great when it came to Tajay and his role as a man in society, an ambitious man, and a man

in a relationship except when it came to other women.

It was as if he couldn’t get enough or he felt powerful knowing that he could easily manipulate women to the point

where they felt the need to give him things he didn’t even ask for.

From nudes to money and everything in between.

These things didn’t surprise her because she knew the type of man she decided to date and who would want to be

with a man that nobody wants. But could she trust him not to go beyond the phone conversations?

She wasn’t leaving that up to chance so from the initial stages of the relationship she had set her boundaries.

“When it comes to a woman that wants to fuck you unless she is fucking us, she ain’t getting none”

She laid her cards on the table and they both agreed, piece of cake right, oh sure!

Regular Shenaningans

Since that pact was made, they would occasionally have Friday evening drinks at a popular bar.

Not only could they fill their eyes but also pick up a girl or two.

As they sat at their usual spot, they started to notice a particular dark-skinned beauty eyeing Tajay from the not so

far distance and Jenecia knew what the night was going to look like and/or may end up like.

After the constant back and forth meeting of eyes, accidentally dropping her purse near his feet and giggling at

him just saying “I think you are being clumsy on purpose”

 Jen knew what the clock was striking well in this case stroking lol

She did the polite thing and invited her over to sit with them and they continued their evening with Kimiana Jones.

Who was Kimiana Jones?

Kimiana was one of the most naturally sexy women that either of them had ever laid eyes on in a very long time.

She was about 5ft 8inches, cool dark chocolate skin, small waist, broad hips, perfectly shaped ass with breasts that

were so perky, they could poke an eye out.

What stood out about her the most though was her beautiful smile and the way she opened her mind and

captivated them with each response in their thrilling conversation.

The Play

After hours of drinks and meaningful conversation,

“It was truly a pleasure meeting you Kimiana, but it’s time for us to head to the place that never refuses us,”

Tajay mentioned

As she gave that beautiful smile, she replied “oh! the cemetery!”

And they all burst out into playful laughter.

“That was a good one Kim!” Jen replied, “But this time around it is home, do you have a ride or would you like one?”

“I was thinking we could move this conversation to your place since technically when it comes to politics, can the

conversation ever end?” responded Kim

“Sounds like a plan!” Tajay blurted without hesitation

Jen could see the excitement in his face because he knew we weren’t going home to chat, at midnight, the only

talking that was going to be done was her telling Kim to ride that cock harder and faster.

But she remained calm and as per usual played her part well.

Upon Arrival

Their apartment was just about 15 mins from where they were having drinks and as they settled in, Tajay continued

the lack of soberness with Circoc and pineapple juice.

“I hope you don’t mind this combination Kim,” he said

“I really don’t mind any type of combinations really, the more in the mix the sweeter the results” she responded with

a sneaky smirk.

As they got further acquainted, their conversations were stopped abruptly in their tracks when Jen emerged in

a swimsuit that resembled a string of floss.

You could see her almost perfect curves in her waist, the definition in her thighs, the roundness of her ass, and the

fullness of her breast as her hard nipples tried to free themselves of the spandex barricade.

“Won’t you guys join me in the jacuzzi?” her voice lingered as she walked past them and headed to their back

porch where the jacuzzi had been patiently waiting.

All these bubbles

As Jen entered she started to unravel that floss she was wearing and as she submerged in the bubbling jacuzzi they

could see the contours of her body glistening underneath the water through the carefully positioned lighting system

that accompanied the tub.

“I have been waiting to see that body of yours all night” Kim mentioned as she too removed all her clothing and was

stealthy moving closer to Jen.

For some reason, Tajay was taking his own sweet time but time waits on no man and the girls decided to bring the

heat without him.

As Kim’s lips met Jen’s, Tajay could hear the soft moans of ecstasy seep through the corners of their mouths and as

he slowly undressed he realized that maybe this party didn’t need him but why should he turn down the opportunity

to explore a new pussy.

“Let me see how good you really taste” was all he heard but didn’t know from whom and by the time he turned

around to meet them he saw Jen on the side of the jacuzzi, both her legs on Kim’s shoulders and Kim’s entire face

devouring every inch of that wet pussy.

He had seen Jen being eaten before but never like this, it was as if Kim’s tongue was going so deep inside her it was

making her go crazy.

She was even trying to get out of that grip but Kim’s lips would not allow it.

All he did was just position himself behind Kim and sank his hard cock into her pussy because why interrupt them,

just add a little more spice to the combination.

What He Said

They fucked long and hard, but no matter what was going on behind her, Kim would just not let up out of that pussy

no matter how Jen drowned her in cum.

It was as if she had a vendetta with that pussy and she would be the victor.

As he was about to cum he pulled out of her pussy and it was only then that she decided that her belly was full.

She looked up at Jen and said “Thank you beautiful, dessert was lovely”

Tajay was for some reason a cross between satisfied and jealous, because as he made his exit,

what he said was, “I’m going to call a taxi so I think in about 10mins it should be here”

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