What he said

What He Said?

I really never expected to feel this way but I am human and the heart wants what it wants.

A part of me hopes she never finds out but another part hopes she does

and then they would be over and I could have him for myself.

Gillian Stern

Gillian and I became friends after we met at University some 10 years ago.

We both pursued the same Bachelor’s Degree but were in different majors.

She was Marketing and I was Accounting so we didn’t have classes together but we saw each other

often enough to form a friendship as our extracurricular activities were the same.

On top of all of that, we realized just a few weeks after meeting that we lived in the same apartment building.

Gillian was the type of girl men would say was “drop-dead gorgeous”.

Light skinned, DD cleavage, small waist, broad hips, beautiful smile, and mad intelligent but bitch was crazy. lol

I mean you didn’t think her ass could be perfect, right!?

At first, I did believe so until one day I saw another side of her,

that for some reason I never feared, it actually motivated me to become her friend.

Ever since that day, you could say we’ve become very close, some would say best friends.


When we graduated from University, we both ended up working for reputable companies

that recognized and paid us for our level of education.

We were young, successful, and living.

One of the rituals we created was, as best as we could, to have lunch and dinner together, and it worked for us, most of the time.

One day I was in one of our favorite restaurants and while I was waiting on Gillian,

a young man approached me and asked me if I got stood up.

I smiled and told him I wasn’t, I was just waiting on my friend.

He decided to keep my company and it was a good conversation for the most part,

but his lunch partners arrived before Gillian and so we exchanged numbers with the hopes of finishing the conversation later.

For that entire afternoon, our eyes kept meeting every time we looked up from our tables

and it was an energy I haven’t felt in a very long time.

It felt like pure, real, chemistry.

New Beau

He never called me until 2 days after our meet and

I knew he was trying to not seem overly eager and I did the same too because I didn’t lift a finger to call.

Our conversations were good, very informative and no matter the topic we were able to have a meaningful discussion.

Keith Wrangler was from Kingston, born and bred, and was the Vice President of Finance for a prominent Insurance Company.

He said he was single, had a bad break up, and haven’t found what he is ready for in any woman, yet.

Our conversations led to a few date nights that turned into overnights and I thought I had finally found someone that could fulfill my needs.

Of course, it was time to meet the bestie and so we made plans for a weekend getaway on the West Coast.

But for some reason he never showed up– I called, I texted, I emailed and I didn’t get a response.

I got worried because I thought something had happened to him but by the time the weekend was over and I made it home,

I realized that I was properly ghosted and couldn’t understand why that happened.

What could I have said or done or not said or not done for Keith to just make such a selfish decision?

Well, it was fun while it lasted and I moved on with life.



Timoy Cargill

I remembered on our weekend getaway how Gillian was telling me about a man

she had been seeing for a few weeks whom she also invited but he had to work.

I guess he was in her life long enough and proved himself worthy to now be introduced

to the friend circle and so she invited me over for dinner with them.

My vibe wasn’t really up for the interaction because I still wasn’t over Keith but I had to put my feelings aside and be there for my girl.

I got dolled up and went by her apartment, which was literally downstairs lol, and waited on her man to show up.

I was in her living room sipping on a glass of Pink Moscato when I heard the door open and she said “Hey babe!”

The male voice that responded was a voice I was sure I knew, I just couldn’t put my finger on it right away.

“Kimora, I would like you to meet bae, this is Timoy Cargill”

I placed my glass on the coffee table, stood up, fixed my dress,

and turned around to shake the hand of the man that was responsible for that schoolgirl giggle in Gillian’s voice.

I was not ready for what I saw, I was meeting Timoy Cargill who was my Keith Wrangler.

Immediately a swarm of emotions filled me up as I shook his hand–excitement, anger, betrayal, disappointment, and surprise.

“Nice to meet you Timoy, I anticipate an eventful evening for us”


The evening proceeded and all I could think was that this is the reason why he ghosted me but was Gillian on it too?

Was this a sick joke to toy and torment my heart?

What did I do to either of them for them to want to hurt me in this way?

But those thoughts stayed in my head and I was the fakest friend for the entire evening.

I asked how they met, when they met, why does he think he is right for my friend, what was his intentions for their relationship etc.

Using the opportunity to see who was really the guilty party.

What I couldn’t stand the most was how they were all over each other

kissing, giggling, and laughing–all the things I had the pleasure of experiencing.

We moved the conversations from the dinner table to the living room,

I wanted to get him to myself to ask what the fuck was going on.

So I created a diversion, one I knew would buy me some time.

“Gillian, I am a little tipsy, do you think you can go get me my slippers and our matching purple pyjamas because I think I’ll be passing out here tonight?”

“Well, I know those last 3 bottles are going to meet their doom, so sure, plus you can really drill Timoy while I am away” she responded




She kissed him and told him she would be right back and exited her apartment.

“What the fuck is going on Timoy, Keith, whatever the fuck your name is?”

“Kimora, please just calm down and let me explain”

“Don’t fucking tell me to calm down! you piece of shit, why the fuck would you do this to me!? Huh! Why?”

“Kimora” and he took my hand and set me back down on the sofa “let me explain, please”


“I met Gillian a month before meeting you that day in the restaurant and when I met you she wasn’t really so communicative so I pursued things with you. However, she started to show more interest and so I was dating you both because none of you had asked for exclusivity. I knew I had to eventually make a choice but then she beat me to the punch and asked if we could be exclusive and then invited me for a weekend with her and her best friend. She then showed me a picture and that was when I realized the best friend was you.”

“So you ghosted me instead of having a conversation with me, now, here the fuck you are knowing you would be seeing me tonight!”

“I missed you and I didn’t know how else to approach seeing or talking to you”

Just before I could answer him, my phone rang and Gillian was calling.

When I answered she was trying to find the pyjamas, and I sent her on a further wild goose chase because I had washed them and

they were on the line so she would be looking a little longer and I could finish this shit with him.

“What is your real name?”

“It’s Timoy Cargill”

“Then who the fuck is Keith Wrangler?”

“It is the alias I usually use when I meet females for the first  time so if it doesn’t work then you know”

“Woah! What other lies have you told me?”

“Everything else I have told you is the truth.”

“It is funny how you think I believe that. Why would you deal with me in that way, knowing how I feel?”




He placed his hands on my cheeks and drew me closer to him.

Looked in my eyes and said “I am sorry Kimora, I never meant to hurt you in that way”

As I gazed into his dark brown eyes, he leaned forward and kissed me, and it was just like how I remembered it.

Wet, passionate, and satisfying and I kissed him even harder

because I missed him so much and the energy we shared was unmatched.

As we continued kissing I laid back on the sofa and he was now on top of me

and I knew I was going to give him my pussy to fuck because she missed him too.

We never stopped kissing, and as it got more intense he pulled down his zip and pulled out his hard, black, veiny dick.

As I heard that sound I started to open my legs wider and pulled my thong to one side and whispered in his ears.

“I know you miss this fat, juicy pussy, so fuck me like you want to live in it!”

He inserted his 9 inches of dick and my pussy breathed a sigh of relief because his dick knew how to please us.

This fuck was just what I was used to, he started off the strokes slowly and

as he moved his dick in every corner of my pussy, I became more aroused and that motivated him to go harder and faster.

The harder he fucked me the more I told him to fuck it even harder because

I know his hands would reach around my neck and he would start slapping me

and I loved it when he smacked me around while fucking my pussy hard.

What He Said

We were fucking like it was a conjugal visit and we had a limited time left and because I wanted him to cum,

I got up from under him and sat on that wet 9 inches of black dick and bounced hard.

He loved when my pussy fucked him like that and as he moaned,

I pushed my nipples in his mouth and said “Suck on that and shut the fuck up!”

That surely did excite him because as he sucked on my hard nipples

his hand grabbed my ass and he started to now fuck me and I knew he was about to cum

I quickly jumped off, wrapped my lips around the head of his dick, and sucked and stroked so he could explode in my mouth.

In about 4 strokes from my small hands, his cum shot to the back of my throat

and I swallowed every inch of those kids, as my cannibal instincts kicked in.

As we got up, we started to arrange the sofa back in place, and we heard Gillian opening the grill and what he said was

“Oh, by the way, Gillian is pregnant!”


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